How To Do Hair Toning Correctly

How To Do Hair Toning Correctly
How To Do Hair Toning Correctly

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The beautiful half of humanity often has a desire to change their appearance. But not everyone dares to radically change hair color, therefore the best way to dye is to use tint products.

How to do hair toning correctly
How to do hair toning correctly

Hair tinting is a method of dyeing with unstable preparations. The procedure is simple, so you don't need to be a professional to carry it out. You should not be afraid to use this method of painting, if the situation is unsuccessful, the paint will be easily washed off with water.

This method is suitable both for girls with natural hair and for owners of dyed hair. You can separate several strands and paint them in different colors. It will look more impressive and help to visually increase the volume of the hair.

Toning is not suitable for hair that has previously been dyed with henna. The shade can be very different from the one that should be obtained according to the shade table.

Do not forget that toning does not turn a brown-haired woman from a blonde, and vice versa. It allows you to change the shade of the hair - to make it richer, warmer, or, on the contrary, muted, colder.

There are several rules that will help you to carry out the procedure of hair toning correctly. To begin with, prepare properly for the process: protect your clothes by throwing an unnecessary thing or a towel over your shoulders, apply a greasy cream to areas of your face where contact with paint will be inevitable. And, of course, use gloves while dyeing.

Only apply toner to clean, damp hair. Squeeze the dye into the palm of your hand and run it all over your hair. After that, gently comb your hair to distribute the dye more evenly. Soak the time according to the instructions and rinse with running water. Rinse until the dye stops flowing out of your hair.

For coloring, you can use a brush, but in this case, you must first divide the hair into partings. Color in the direction from the roots to the ends of the hair. If the areas of the skin were nevertheless touched by the tonic, then try to remove it with soap or cotton wool dipped in alcohol.

If you decide to use several shades at once, for this you will need a special cellophane cap with holes in which the strands for dyeing are placed. In order for their shades to look harmonious with each other, as a rule, tables are used in which a sample of the original hair color and the shade after toning are given.

Depending on the durability of the staining, there are three types of toning. Intensive will last on the hair for up to two months, gentle - up to four weeks, light toning may disappear after the second shampooing.

Before each procedure involving the use of dye preparations, carry out a course of hair treatment. If they are loose or have recently been dyed, experimenting with color change can harm your hair.

Owners of light curls can use wheat, honey and caramel shades. For dark girls, chocolate and chestnut tones are suitable. There are a lot of them, the main thing is to choose a color that is as close as possible to your hair shade.

After the procedure is over, and the hair shimmers with new shades, do not stop taking care of them. Try special shampoos and medical masks, then your hair will delight you with its beauty for a long time.

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