Hair Restoration After Vacation

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Hair Restoration After Vacation
Hair Restoration After Vacation
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While on vacation, the fair sex is so happy about the opportunity to relax that sometimes they forget about caring for their hair. Dry air, UV exposure to sunlight, salty sea water - all these factors contribute to the deterioration of hair quality. They become lifeless and take on a dull hue.

Hair restoration after vacation
Hair restoration after vacation

Upon returning home from vacation, many girls have a desire to do dyeing, since faded hair does not adorn anyone. At first it may seem that this is an excellent way out of the situation, but experts strongly recommend refraining from hasty actions. Ultraviolet rays, sea salt washed out the pigment and destroyed the keratin layer, because of this, the hair becomes weak and brittle, coloring will only worsen the situation. Also, for a while, it is better to refuse to use a hair dryer and an iron.

In order to tidy up your hairstyle, you first need to visit a hairdresser. Damaged ends cannot be restored in any way, so they need to be cut by about 5 cm, so the hair will look more attractive. In order to improve blood circulation and accelerate the regeneration of scalp cells, self-massage can be done. To do this, you first need to make stroking movements in the direction from the temple to the back of the head and crown, and then gradually increase the pressure. Regularly performing this procedure will improve the quality of your hair.

For damaged hair, it is best to use shampoos and conditioners that contain keratin and panthenol. By filling the voids in the hair structure, these components make the hairstyle thicker, smoother and more hydrated.

Rinsing with herbal decoctions and the use of essential oils will have a positive effect. It is worth remembering that when applying a balm, mask or conditioner, you must avoid getting the product on the roots, otherwise the hair will quickly become dirty and look untidy.

To speed up the hair restoration process, it is necessary to act from the inside, vitamins and minerals will help in this. Vitamin A is able to restore shine and shine to the hair, E and F- will make it moisturized and elastic. Minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, calcium are necessary to maintain the good appearance of hair.

Proper nutrition plays an important role. Since the hair structure is made up of protein, you need to consume as much dairy products, fish and nuts as possible.

Hair masks

Oil. Olive oil is an excellent helper in hair treatment, but if it is not at hand, you can use burdock, castor, coconut, almond or sesame oil. To prepare a nourishing mask, you need to mix a few tablespoons of oil, two egg yolks and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. The resulting mixture must be distributed over the entire length of the hair, paying particular attention to the ends. Keep the mask for 30 minutes. For a more pronounced effect, additional components can be added to the solution, for example, it can be honey, aloe leaf juice or vitamins in capsules.

Vegetable. You can use a chopped tomato mask to give your hair strength. Spread the tomato pulp along the length of the hair, wrap it with foil, rinse it off after 30 minutes, and then rinse the hair with herbal decoction.

Kefir. Kefir can be used as a mask without adding any ingredients, or a little essential oil or honey can be added if desired. Apply the mixture, wrap your head with polyethylene, wrap a towel on top to create a greenhouse effect. It is necessary to keep the mask for about half an hour.

Herbal. A burdock root mask is perfect for nourishing and softening. To prepare it, pour 100 g of the crushed roots of this plant with a glass of olive oil and leave to infuse for 24 hours.After that, the mixture must be cooked over low heat for fifteen minutes, then allowed to cool and strain. Apply to hair, wrap with a towel and leave for 2 hours.

In conclusion, it should be emphasized that it is possible to restore hair after a vacation, but it is better to try to protect your hair during rest, then you will not have to spend additional effort and money to give your hair a pristine look.

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