Scrub For The Head: Why And Who Needs It

Scrub For The Head: Why And Who Needs It
Scrub For The Head: Why And Who Needs It

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Head scrub, what is it? Necessity or next move by manufacturers? How is it useful, does it harm, how to use it?

Head scrub: why and who needs it
Head scrub: why and who needs it

Styling products, chlorinated pool water, oily hair masks, poor ecology affect the scalp and hair. Even quality cosmetic products remain on the hair and clog the pores of the skin. As a result, itching, dandruff may appear, hair will grow more slowly, fall out, etc. Trichologists insist on additional scalp cleansing. Classic shampoo and deep cleansing shampoo do not completely cope with this task: they remove excess oil and impurities from the surface of the skin, but they do not clear clogged pores and do not remove dead cells. The cosmetic market offers different types of hair scrubs.

Types of scrubs and composition

With natural and synthetic abrasive particles. They are quite tough, so you need to massage the skin gently. -No abrasive particles based on absorbents. These are soft peels with a homogeneous composition and a creamy structure that gently cleanse the skin. Hair scrubs usually contain various oils, extracts from plants, salicylic acid and other useful components.

What are the benefits of a scrub

  • Thoroughly cleanses the pores of the scalp from the remains of cosmetics and dead cells.
  • Normalizes blood circulation in the skin.
  • Nourishes hair follicles.
  • Stimulates hair growth.

Who is useful

The product can be used by everyone, especially lovers of styling products, those who suffer from dandruff or oily scalp.


In the presence of aggravated dermatological diseases or sensitive scalp, it is better to refuse the scrub.

How to use a scrub correctly

Depends on the condition of the scalp and the amount of additional products used: masks, styling and other products. For oily skin, the scrub can be used once a week, and for dry skin once every 2 weeks. You do not need to shampoo your hair before using the scrub.

It is important for those who dye their hair: you do not need to scrub your head after dyeing, as a powerful tool washes out the color. Hairdressers advise using exfoliation before dyeing to cleanse the skin and hair. The scrub will slightly "remove" the previous color, and the new tone will lie in a more even and uniform layer.

Dermatologists do not recommend using a homemade scrub. Incorrectly selected components can injure the skin or cause allergies. Manufacturers have already taken care of the correct composition, it remains only to choose.

Scrubs have a positive effect on the scalp and hair condition, so you can safely add them to the shelf in the bathroom. Be beautiful and healthy!

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