Make Your Dream Come True - Become A Blonde

Make Your Dream Come True - Become A Blonde
Make Your Dream Come True - Become A Blonde

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According to research by scientists, the number of natural blondes is decreasing every year. And more and more often women use chemical dyes to give their hair a light shade. In order not to spoil the hair, you need to strictly follow the dyeing technology.

Make your dream come true - become a blonde
Make your dream come true - become a blonde

The most difficult thing is to dye from a brunette to a blonde. Very often, even professional hairdressers do not undertake this task. The fact is that the black color scheme is very persistent. And to get it out of the hair, you will need more than one procedure. And if the hair is coarse, dense, thick, then there is a risk of severely ruining them with long-term chemical exposure. Therefore, before deciding to change your image, you should consult with professionals. After examining the structure of the hair, the hairdresser will tell you if it is possible to lighten them to the degree that they dreamed of.

If the hair is dark (regardless of whether it was dyed or it is a natural color), the first step is to wash it off. A special transparent composition is applied to curls in the same way as paint. First, the roots are processed, then the rest of the product is distributed at the ends of the strands. The wash lasts from twenty-five to forty minutes, depending on what is indicated in the instructions. If the hair is very thick and dense, the time should be increased. To check whether the desired result has been achieved, you can rinse off the composition from a thin strand. The main task of the remover is to remove dark color from the hair. That is, the strands become discolored, become hollow, and can be filled with any paint.

Usually one rinsing procedure is sufficient. After that, light dye can be applied to the hair. If you want to become a platinum blonde, you will most likely need two treatments if your hair was initially very dark. You will also have to repeat the staining for those who have a natural color - red. Red is a very persistent pigment. And at the first staining, the curls may not turn out to be platinum, but yellow.

Remember that naturalness is in vogue now. Therefore, if the hair is very light, the eyebrows should not be thick and black. It looks unnatural. It is better to paint them brown.

A minimum of fifteen days should elapse between wash-off and staining procedures. During this period, the hair must be additionally nourished with masks.

Coloring in a light color follows the usual pattern. First, the composition is applied to the roots, since there the hair is always denser and darker. Then, after five to ten minutes, it is distributed over the entire length of the hair. It is very important to control the staining process. With a strong burning sensation, you need to immediately wash off the paint.

There are special shampoos for bleached hair care. They contain components that help maintain a beautiful color for a long time, as well as nourish curls weakened by chemical procedures.

To maintain a beautiful color, you should use a tint balm or shampoo with a purple tint (an excellent remedy for platinum blondes is produced by the company "Schwarzkopf"). The fact is that the paint is quickly washed out, and an ugly "chicken" shade comes out. A tinting agent will help neutralize it. Use shampoo or balm once a week.

If the hair is not naturally dark - light blond, ashy, then you can lighten it by a couple of tones, becoming almost a natural blonde, with the help of chamomile. For this, the inflorescences of the plant (half a pack for one staining) must be brewed in boiling water and allowed to brew for thirty to forty minutes. After that, apply the broth to the hair with a sponge. Put a plastic cap on your head and wrap it with a towel to create a warming effect. Leave the chamomile on the curls for an hour, and then the chamomile can be washed off. To maintain a beautiful color, hair can be rinsed with chamomile decoction after each wash.This will not only make the curls lighter, but also strengthen them.

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