Preparing Your Hair For A Seaside Vacation

Preparing Your Hair For A Seaside Vacation
Preparing Your Hair For A Seaside Vacation

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So the long-awaited summer has come - a season of rest, hot days and bright sun. Most of the people are going on vacation, they plan their vacation in advance and choose the option that seems most optimal - a trip to the sea, visiting ancient cities and sightseeing, or a vacation at their own dacha. An important condition for a good rest is thorough preliminary preparation. Packing all things, preparing documents, planning your route is, of course, important. However, our body also needs preparation, especially if the vacation is planned to be spent in hot countries, on the seaside.

Preparing your hair for a seaside vacation
Preparing your hair for a seaside vacation

Particular attention should be paid to hair, as it is constantly exposed to sunlight and sea water. These factors can lead to a deterioration in the condition of the hair, and dissatisfaction with their appearance in women can lead to ruined rest. To avoid this, you need to prepare your hair in advance, following a few simple rules.

First, think about your hairstyle in advance. It is advisable to visit a salon a few days before the planned vacation and tidy up your hair. It is necessary to take into account the factor that on vacation it is unlikely there will be an opportunity to do complex daily styling, therefore it is recommended to opt for those options that will not require too much time, for example, to raise your hair in a beautiful ponytail. And for girls who have long hair, braids can be braided - a very fashionable and original option.

Secondly, if a woman regularly dyes her hair, you should not postpone dyeing until the last day before vacation. The most successful option is to paint ten days before the rest. In this case, the color will not be washed off by sea water and will not fade under the influence of scorching sunlight.

Thirdly, be sure to get yourself a headdress. It will protect not only your head, face, but also your hair. Check out this season's trendy wide-brimmed hat. It will even protect your shoulders and become the highlight of your summer look.

Also, do not forget to regularly rinse your hair in fresh water, especially after visiting the beach, as sea salt tends to dry your scalp and hair. If you can't take a shower, you can bring fresh water with you in a bottle and rinse your hair with it.

You also need to pay sufficient attention to hair care. To prevent dry hair, you need to use a hair care mask daily, preferably with an SPF filter. Such products cover the hair with an invisible film and make it inaccessible to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. However, if it is not possible to use a ready-made mask, it is very simple to make it yourself: for this you need to knead any fruit with fermented milk products, for example, with yogurt and apply for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Another tip is to use scented oils when brushing your hair. For this, it is better to use citrus oil, rose or lavender. At night, such care is recommended: you need to apply a little oil to the comb and comb your hair for about 10 minutes, adding oil as needed. But you shouldn't overdo it. With the help of this treatment, you will receive both a massage and a magnificent shine on your hair.

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