Recipe For A Budget Homemade Mask For Hair Loss

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Recipe For A Budget Homemade Mask For Hair Loss
Recipe For A Budget Homemade Mask For Hair Loss

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For various reasons (vitamin deficiency, serious illness, stress, pregnancy and others), hair can begin to fall out, and it can be very difficult to stop this intensive process. It is better to go to a doctor right away, but rarely does anyone follow this prescription, trying to stop the loss at first with folk remedies and purchased serums, oils. A home-made mask with just two ingredients, not counting water, will help fight hair loss and won't hit your budget hard.

Hair mask made of beer and birch leaves
Hair mask made of beer and birch leaves

Purchased anti-hair loss serums, sprays, oils and capsules are relatively expensive. Therefore, if there is no extra money, but you need to treat curls, it is easier to use a folk recipe based on inexpensive components.

Hair Loss Mask Ingredients

To prepare a nourishing hair loss mask, you only need 2 simple ingredients:

  • 50-100 ml of beer (dark or light - depending on the color of the strands);
  • half a pack of dried birch leaves.

A package with birch leaves is easy to buy at the most ordinary pharmacy, it costs about 30 rubles. You may need a little more than 50 ml of beer if the curls are long, below the shoulder blades. It will also cost 30 rubles. Blondes should use only light varieties, brown-haired and brunettes are allowed to buy dark ones. The result is less than 70 rubles for a healing mask, which in 1-2 applications can stop hair loss and strengthen the roots.

Homemade recipe

It is not difficult to prepare a medicinal composition; you do not need to buy any special devices and containers.

  1. Pour 25 g of dry crushed birch leaves with 1 liter of boiling water, leave to infuse under the lid.
  2. Warm up light or dark beer in a glass in a water bath, making sure that it does not burn the skin of the hands and head.
  3. Apply warm beer to clean strands along the entire length, especially thoroughly wetting the roots and scalp. It is more convenient to do this while standing in a bathtub or in a shower stall, so as not to flood the floor with sticky liquid.
  4. Massage the scalp with your hands for 5 minutes, then use a wooden comb to comb the strands from roots to ends.
  5. Wrap your head in a plastic bag, insulate with a towel.
  6. After 40 minutes, wash off the rest of the beer with an infusion of birch leaves cooled to a comfortable temperature, without using shampoo. The smell of beer quickly disappears, you should not worry about it.
  7. Dry your hair, comb gently.

Usually, according to the reviews of those who used such a remedy, 1-2 applications are enough to forget about the problem of hair loss. For prevention, it is recommended to apply beer and birch leaf infusion to the strands at least once a month.

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