How To Care For Your Hair With Folk Remedies

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How To Care For Your Hair With Folk Remedies
How To Care For Your Hair With Folk Remedies

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Often on the street, women stop and envy the owners of gorgeous lush hair with envy. They don't even know that they might look just as good. An experienced specialist in an expensive salon will gladly provide his services. But what about those who cannot afford this method of getting perfect hair?

How to care for your hair with folk remedies
How to care for your hair with folk remedies

You will have to resort to the means that any housewife has, and the effect from them will be no worse than from the most expensive balms and shampoos. Surely your great-grandmother skillfully used such secrets.

A recipe to help keep your hair shiny

Grate fresh cucumber, squeeze the juice. Add a few drops of cognac. Wash your hair like a regular shampoo. The smell of alcohol will quickly disappear, but the effect of this mixture will remain for a long time.

Dry hair perfectly moisturizes shampoo

Mix 100 grams of honey, 2 eggs, half a banana. In a blender, beat the mixture until smooth. Dilute with a decoction of oak bark to form a semi-liquid mixture. It is recommended to use this shampoo more often, and your hair will always look great.

For mixed hair, you can use a nutritional blend

Take apple, banana, pear and kiwi in equal proportions. Mix and beat with a blender. Apply the whipped mixture to the hair and massage the head a little, as if rubbing it into the roots. After using this "vitamin cocktail" you will be pleasantly surprised.

Lush volume, and chic shine will give all hair types ordinary mustard powder

Boil water, pour in mustard to make a thick gruel. You can add honey or an egg, but without them the effect will be amazing. We rub this mass evenly through the hair, put on a plastic kerchief and wrap our head with a towel. Wait 15 minutes and rinse hair thoroughly.

Rinse hair after all procedures, preferably with herbal decoctions. Chamomile flowers, burdock root, and even ordinary black tea are perfect for this.

Do not hesitate, your hair will feel and appreciate your efforts, and as a result, you will certainly be rewarded with its wonderful appearance.

Give them a little more time, take care only with the help of natural products, and now women will look after you with envious glances, and men admiring them.

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