9 Tips For Summer Hair Care

9 Tips For Summer Hair Care
9 Tips For Summer Hair Care

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In summer, during holidays and travel, hair often loses its strength, shine and beauty.

9 tips for summer hair care
9 tips for summer hair care

This happens in natural conditions: under the influence of wind, direct sunlight and sea water.

Hair becomes lifeless, dry, brittle and dull, and every woman would not want to allow a detrimental effect on her curls. Therefore, the following tips will help protect the hairline.

Council number 1. It is advisable to put clothes for the head in a suitcase for rest, starting from personal preferences: a hat, cap, scarf or snapback. But if hats are not to your taste, then …

Council number 2. Get a protective spray or hair oil. It is best to distribute such products along the entire length from root to tip, which allows you to get in the way of hair damage. Frequent application of nourishing oil will add shine, while a spray with innovative formulas will help restore structure.

Council number 3. Moisturizing masks will provide quick regeneration of dry hairs, they are especially good if they contain vitamins A and E or shea, jojoba, olive, coconut, bamboo or macadamia butter, but you should avoid burdock, cedar and corn oils.

Council number 4. In the summertime, it is better to give preference to professional shampoos for care marked with intense hydration and UV filters, ordinary products from the supermarket will not bring noticeable changes. It is worth focusing on drying curls, in the summer it is recommended not to go out with a damp head in the sun, since ultraviolet radiation is extremely harmful.

Council number 5. In high temperature seasons, it is preferable to use a comb with sparse teeth. Because thick brushes injure the shape of the hairs, leading to split ends, which already suffer in the heat.

Council number 6. After swimming in the sea, it is advisable to rinse your head thoroughly in fresh water. Not everyone knows, but a salt pond robs hair of color and elasticity, making it stiff like straw.

Council number 7. Beauty specialists have an extremely negative attitude to hair dyeing in the summer, because the process, even without the aggressive sun, adversely affects the state of the hair structure.

Advice-fact number 8. Owners of blond hair can sunbathe for no more than seven minutes.

Brunettes are advised to stay under the rays for ten minutes. Chestnut and fair-haired fourteen, and brown-haired and seventeen altogether. After the hair begins to deteriorate under the influence of the sun, this was proved by studies that took place at the Moscow Institute of Beauty.

Council number 9. Homemade masks are the most rational and budgetary way to care for curls. Many recommend changing masks so that the structure of the hairline is nourished by different components and vitamins. Homemade mixtures are used 2-3 times a week for one month.

Hair is one of the indicators of the health of the body. Their appearance can be influenced by both internal ailments: stress, overwork, nervousness and excessive emotionality, and external ones: poor-quality hygiene products, material and incorrect shape of the comb, climate and weather phenomena.

And with the help of the simple listed tips, you can restore and preserve the beauty of your hair for a long time.

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