The Most Effective Hair Masks: Recipes For Growth And Beauty

The Most Effective Hair Masks: Recipes For Growth And Beauty
The Most Effective Hair Masks: Recipes For Growth And Beauty

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Hair is constantly exposed to adverse environmental factors. And hats add problems in the cold season. Therefore, in the cosmetic arsenal, you need to have several masks that nourish and strengthen the hair.

The most effective hair masks: recipes for growth and beauty
The most effective hair masks: recipes for growth and beauty

If you want to increase the thickness of your hair, use a beer-based mask. This drink contains a large amount of B vitamins, as well as trace elements: phosphorus, copper, potassium, iron, magnesium. These substances are essential for strengthening and nourishing hair. Another component in the mask is avocado. So, cut the fruit into two halves, remove the pulp from one part and add 2 tbsp. l. beer. Mix the ingredients well: you should get a gruel. Distribute the composition over the entire length of the hair and keep it on for half an hour. Then prepare a beer solution (for 1 cup of beer 3 cups of water) and rinse your hair with it.

A kiwi-based mask also adds thickness to the hair. Mash 1-2 kiwi fruits and mix with 2-3 tbsp. l. starch or flour. You should get a thick substance. Apply it to the roots, rub in, and then comb through your hair. The duration of the mask is 20 minutes. Rinse off the mixture with warm water. The result of this product exceeds all expectations: the hair becomes smooth, manageable and soft. In the future, such a mask prevents brittleness, stratification and tangling of hair after washing.

For masks to work well, keep your hair under plastic wrap and wrap a towel on top.

The cognac mask activates dormant bulbs, strengthens the roots and stimulates hair growth. So, mix 1 tsp. cognac, 1 tsp. honey and half a glass of kefir. Preheat kefir to room temperature. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and massage firmly into the scalp. You can apply the mask to your hair. Keep the mixture under a cap for 1 hour and then wash off with water. This mask makes the hair thicker and thicker. Thanks to cognac, blood flow to the scalp increases.

Colorless henna is an excellent remedy for hair loss and thickening. You will need 1 sachet of henna. Dilute the contents of the sachet to a thick sour cream consistency. Add 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil and 1 tsp. honey. Knock down all the ingredients into a homogeneous mass and completely cover the length of the hair with the resulting composition. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes and then wash your hair.

Rinse off the mask from your hair with cool or warm water. Do not switch the water abruptly from hot to cold. The temperature difference is stressful for the bulbs. This can cause hair to fall out.

A cocoa mask will be very useful for brunettes: it will add thickness and strength to the hair. Use the cocoa powder to be boiled. Instant cocoa will not work. So, mix 1 tbsp. l. cocoa, 1 protein (for oily hair) or 1 yolk (for dry hair), 100 g of kefir. Rub the composition into your hair and distribute over the entire length. Remove the mask after half an hour. After a course of cocoa masks, the hair becomes more elastic, strong and nourished.

Blondes should use a chamomile decoction hair mask. The recipe is simple: 1 tsp. dry chamomile, pour a glass of boiling water. Chamomile is infused for only 15 minutes, after which it must be filtered. Cool the infusion to room temperature. Add 1 tbsp to it. l. honey, 1 tbsp. l. flour. Place the mixture in a jar and shake well. Apply the mask to hair and roots for 20 minutes. Honey contains a lot of vitamins necessary for healthy hair. Chamomile is the source of shine and radiance. For the active components of the mask to work better, perform a scalp massage.

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