Hair Extension: Choosing The Best Method

Hair Extension: Choosing The Best Method
Hair Extension: Choosing The Best Method

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Girls always strive to be beautiful, devoting a lot of time to their appearance, skin condition, manicure and, of course, hair. Thick and long curls are a real dream. But since nature has not rewarded every girl with such a gift, one has to resort to alternative methods.

Hair extension: choosing the best method
Hair extension: choosing the best method

Luxurious, long and thick curls are considered one of the main advantages of female beauty. But hair can often be difficult to grow back - it takes years. To dramatically change your image and say goodbye to short hair, you can resort to a unique way - hair extensions.

This method is quite young, but it already has several varieties. The extension technology is chosen by the masters individually for each of the fair sex. There are two ways to extend hair: hot and cold.

The hot method refers to the attachment of artificial strands to natural hair using hot resin.

For hair adhesion, heated keratin (resin) is used. It does not harm native curls, perfectly suits any type of hair, is not visible to people around. You can wear such strands for a long time.

Hot build-up is carried out in several ways. Italian technology involves building with special clips and resin. A small capsule is formed at the attachment point, which does not interfere with combing and does not confuse the hair. With such strands, you can take up to six months.

English technology involves the use of a glue gun and resin. New strands are attached at the back of the head. The disadvantage of this method is that the hair will gradually be combed out of the resulting capsules. This method is not as reliable as the previous one, but it is more gentle on the hair.

Choosing a hot method of building, you need to understand that for a while you will have to forget about hot beaches and visits to the sauna. You will also need to use curling irons and irons with care.

The cold method means hair extension without the use of high temperatures. There are several options here as well.

Tape extension - this method is the most common, inexpensive and fast. To do this, take a special tape with hair, which is attached at the roots of native strands with glue. The border between them is almost invisible.

According to Spanish technology, hair extensions are attached to their curls with glue. At the site of the adhesion, a capsule is formed, which has a light appearance. Therefore, this technology is more suitable for blondes.

Extension using metal beads is carried out by attaching strands to your hair using metal capsules, without the use of any chemistry.

All technologies use natural strands. They may not match the color of their hair. In this case, a beautiful combination is obtained.

It is recommended to wash your hair with a special shampoo no earlier than a few days after the procedure. If you do not have one at hand, then you can use a simple shampoo, but with a neutral pH, without using a conditioner.

The cost of building up varies significantly depending on the method, the prestige of the salon, the number of strands, and individual wishes. The price ranges from approximately 3,000 to 30,000 rubles. Hair extension can also be harmful if you choose an unqualified master.

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