How To Achieve Perfect Skin

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How To Achieve Perfect Skin
How To Achieve Perfect Skin

Video: How To Achieve Perfect Skin

Video: How To Achieve Perfect Skin
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Smooth and delicate skin, natural and healthy complexion is every woman's dream. In search of a magic remedy, you can try many newfangled bottles. But you can achieve perfect skin simply by following the simplest care rules, but you need to do it regularly.

How to achieve perfect skin
How to achieve perfect skin


Step 1

Eat right. Acne, inflammation, clogged pores are the result of poor nutrition. Eliminate fast food, sodas, sweets, spicy and salty foods. Give preference to fermented milk products, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of water, green tea, juices and compotes. Cook healthy food - boil in water, steam, bake.

Step 2

Cleanse your bowels periodically. Stagnation and waste in the intestines lead to a deterioration in the condition of the skin. Get rid of constipation, improve digestion, eliminate the manifestations of dysbiosis.

Step 3

Cleanse your skin. Daily skin cleansing is an important part of skin care. Cleansing must be correct - depending on the type of skin, select products with a gentle effect. Basic rules: make-up removal before bed, weekly scrubs, periodic peels and toning treatments.

Step 4

Moisturize your skin. Drink clean water, use thermal facial sprays, moisturizing toners. In the morning, drink a glass of warm clean water on an empty stomach (this is an additional stimulation of the intestines).

Step 5

Protect your skin. It is impossible to achieve perfect face and body skin without effective protection from external influences. Protect your skin from the sun - use day creams with UV protection. Feed on frosty days - wind and cold can upset your hydration. Always use a foundation under your makeup - you will not only even out the complexion, but also protect it from the effects of cosmetics.

Step 6

Get enough sleep. All traces of sleepless nights are reflected on the face - bags, dark circles, an unhealthy complexion. Getting enough sleep will allow your skin to recover and rest.

Step 7

Go in for sports. Regular exercise will help you keep your body, and therefore your skin, toned. If possible, do outdoor activities - your skin color will become healthy.

Step 8

Take a contrast shower. Flabby skin can be made firmer with water treatments. A sharp change in water temperature enhances blood circulation, activates regeneration processes.