How To Make A Night Cream At Home

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How To Make A Night Cream At Home
How To Make A Night Cream At Home

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Sometimes, getting lost in cosmetic stores among the variety of face skin care creams, many women often forget that the compositions of these creams are developed on the basis of recipes that have come down to our days from ancient times. In those days, women made their own face creams. The principle of making creams has not changed since then, only the composition of the components has changed. It will not be difficult for a modern woman to prepare a face cream at home either.

How to make a night cream at home
How to make a night cream at home

It is necessary

  • - a jar for cream;
  • - a small saucepan;
  • - a small plastic food container;
  • - wooden spatula;
  • - mixer;
  • - 50 gr. baby cream;
  • - jojoba oil;
  • - wheat germ oil;
  • - grape seed oil;
  • - chamomile water;
  • - emulsifier;
  • - oil solution of vitamin A
  • - oil solution of vitamin E;
  • - preservative.


Step 1

There are two ways to prepare a cream at home: without a base base and on a base base.

Step 2

Base cream. A night face cream should be light in texture. Therefore, you need to take a non-greasy baby cream as a base, which should be free of parabens.

Step 3

Place baby cream in a small plastic container.

Step 4

Add ten drops each of jojoba oil and wheat germ oil. Jojoba oil, deeply penetrating into the pores, nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Wheat germ oil is used to prevent skin aging, eliminate wrinkles on the neck, face and especially around the eyes. It stimulates the muscle function of the skin, which has a strong anti-aging effect and smoothes expression lines.

Step 5

Add five drops of grape seed oil, which is known for its powerful antioxidant effect, improves complexion, and maintains freshness and elasticity of the skin.

Step 6

In the resulting composition, add half a teaspoon of an oil solution of vitamins A and E, which are rightfully considered vitamins of youth, and in cosmetology they are used as the main components of vitamin supplements to creams.

Step 7

Mix cream vigorously until smooth.

Step 8

If you are not allergic to aromatic oils, then add a few drops to the resulting cream.

Step 9

To make a base-less night cream, mix in half a teaspoon each of jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and wheat germ. Heat the resulting mixture in a water bath.

Step 10

Add one gram of emulsifier and twenty milliliters of warmed chamomile water to the heated oils. Stir in the mixture.

Step 11

When the mixture has cooled and begins to thicken, add two drops of the preservative to the mixture. Mix the resulting cream again vigorously.

Step 12

Transfer the cream to a pre-prepared jar for it and use daily at bedtime, applying to thoroughly cleansed skin.

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