How To Choose A Face Cream In Winter

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How To Choose A Face Cream In Winter
How To Choose A Face Cream In Winter
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In winter, the skin is under real stress. Temperature extremes, frost, wind, dry indoor air, lack of daylight and vitamins have a negative effect on it. The result is predictable - peeling, wrinkling, dull color and lethargy. Properly selected cosmetics can help the skin. Buy protective day creams and restorative night remedies, they will quickly put your face in order and help you survive the harsh winter without loss.

How to choose a face cream in winter
How to choose a face cream in winter


Step 1

When choosing a cream, evaluate its texture. The winter remedy can be thicker. Use soufflé creams and products with natural oils instead of gels and liquid emulsions. In this case, the cream should be well absorbed, without lying on the skin with a sticky film.

Step 2

For the day, choose a cream base with moisturizing ingredients. Do not neglect it - foundation and powder fall on moisturized skin more evenly. In addition, multi-layered makeup protects the skin well from the negative effects of the external environment - frost and wind.

Step 3

You can apply a peeling cream at night. It smoothes fine wrinkles and removes dead skin cells, evening out the relief and skin tone. The composition of such a product includes a combination of fruit acids in a low concentration. The peeling cream is intended for daily use, but if it turns out to be too strong for you, use the product in courses - two weeks each, followed by a break.

Step 4

The main problem of the skin in winter is excessive dryness and dehydration. Even oily skin suffers from lack of moisture. Look for creams based on thermal water - they are suitable even for sensitive skin. This water contains valuable trace elements - magnesium, silicon, selenium. They restore beautiful color and natural glow to the face.

Step 5

For winter, creams with vitamin supplements are ideal. For example, vitamins E and F prevent sagging and aging. Vitamin C plumps the skin, restores its healthy color and radiance, vitamin A regulates the water-lipid balance, removing flaking. These creams can be applied under makeup or at night. However, keep in mind that they can provoke swelling - apply them half an hour before bedtime.

Step 6

If your skin is covered with red spots and itchy, be especially careful about it. Cold can make even normal skin super sensitive. Pay attention to drugstore brands, creams from these lines do not contain fragrances and dyes. Choose products for sensitive skin, they are good both during exacerbations and for everyday use.

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