What Paint To Dye To Make Hair Platinum

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What Paint To Dye To Make Hair Platinum
What Paint To Dye To Make Hair Platinum

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The fashion for platinum hair was certainly introduced by Marilyn Monroe. Despite the fact that more than 50 years have passed since its peak popularity, platinum hair color is still the dream of many blonde girls.

What paint to dye to make hair platinum
What paint to dye to make hair platinum

Achieving a platinum blonde is sometimes very difficult. The main enemy of such a noble, pleasant color is the natural yellowness of the hair, which eventually appears even with strong lightening. This problem is most often faced by women who have dark hair and dark skin. Only some Scandinavian girls can boast of blonde hair without yellowness: it was thanks to them that the second name of the platinum blonde appeared - the Scandinavian blonde.

How to make your hair platinum: preparation

Before proceeding to dye your hair platinum, you will need to lighten as much as possible. If you have dark hair, then you will have to carry out the bleaching procedure twice, using clarifiers for 4-6 tones. It is advisable to take a break of 1-2 weeks between clarification. Owners of light shades of hair (light brown, red, blond) will need a clarifier for 1-2 tones. If you have naturally very blonde hair, then you won't need bleaching.

Platinum shine

To obtain a platinum shade of hair, you can use two types of coloring agents: tint balms (shampoos) or permanent dyes. The first remedy will do less damage to your hair than dyes. By and large, it doesn't matter which company paint or balm you use. If you use a balm, then you just need to apply it along the entire length of your hair and let it sit for 15–20 minutes. Usually, the appearance of such balms does not correspond to the real shade on the hair - you can find liquid in both blue and purple colors in a bottle of balm! Do not worry! It is the purple color that will give the platinum tint on the hair.

If you are using a long-lasting platinum-colored dye, remember that it can only be used on bleached or very light hair. Otherwise, you will only ruin your hair, not getting the desired color.

Platinum blonde care

If you think that after dyeing your hair you can forget about caring for and maintaining the color, then you are greatly mistaken. First, platinum blonde requires careful and daily maintenance. Secondly, you will have to forget about sunbathing, as ultraviolet light will quickly minimize the platinum shade, restoring the natural yellowness of bleached hair.

To maintain platinum hair color, you will need to permanently color your hair. You can use platinum-colored balms at least once every 2 weeks.

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