How To Care For Oily Skin

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How To Care For Oily Skin
How To Care For Oily Skin

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Oily skin can be quite uncomfortable. It has an uneven relief, prone to inflammation and excessive greasy shine. However, with proper care, oily skin can look quite well-groomed - even, smooth and refreshed. Choose the right cosmetics and apply them regularly, combining with home remedies and keeping a healthy lifestyle in mind.

How to care for oily skin
How to care for oily skin

It is necessary

  • - means for make-up remover;
  • - means for washing;
  • - daily cream;
  • - night cream;
  • - tonic;
  • - salicylic acid cream;
  • - clay masks;
  • - concealer;
  • - proofreader;
  • - powder;
  • - matting napkins.


Step 1

The basis of oily skin care is its cleansing. Do not try to wash your face several times a day and do not use products that are too aggressive. Gentle cleansing twice is enough. Pick up a mild foam, gel, or emulsion to cleanse your face and use it in the morning and before bed. For oily skin, products with herbal extracts or white clay are suitable. You can also use soft peels with polyethylene granules - they act very delicately and are suitable for daily use.

Step 2

Do not try to wash off makeup with gel or soap. Use low-fat milk - they will remove makeup of any persistence. After that, wash your face and then rub your skin with toner. For inflamed areas, aseptic lotions are suitable, and for other areas of the face, choose floral waters or herbal infusions.

Step 3

Lubricate pimples with salicylic acid cream - it dries the skin and removes inflammation. Look for the most effective remedies in the pharmacy - they can be purchased ready-made or ordered with a prescription from a dermatologist. Do not apply these creams all over your face - they are intended for local use during flare-ups.

Step 4

For deeper cleansing and nutrition, you can use masks. Both industrial and home options are suitable. Try a mask made from white, blue or pink clay, it cleanses the skin well, tightens pores and reduces inflammation. From home remedies, masks based on egg white are especially good; they tighten the skin, give it smoothness and freshness.

Step 5

Assemble a makeup bag. Oily skin requires a light, oil-free foundation that can be applied all over the face. To cover problem areas, get a thick yellowish-beige corrector. Translucent loose powder will help to eliminate the oily sheen, and you can quickly matte the skin with the help of special napkins.

Step 6

Don't forget to moisturize your skin. Find light, non-greasy gels or emulsions for daily use. A night remedy can not only moisturize but also gently exfoliate dead skin cells. A day cream should protect the face from UV rays and serve as a good base for makeup.

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