How To Remove Expression Lines Under The Eyes

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How To Remove Expression Lines Under The Eyes
How To Remove Expression Lines Under The Eyes

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In youth, the skin is rich in elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, so it is not afraid of the deforming influence from the outside: it is easily smoothed out, and wrinkles under the eyes do not have time to appear. With age, the content of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases markedly, as a result of which the skin loses its former firmness and elasticity, and the first wrinkles appear under the eyes. Fortunately, under-eye wrinkles can be removed.

How to remove expression lines under the eyes
How to remove expression lines under the eyes


Step 1

Mesotherapy is an effective way to combat crow's feet. The essence of this method is that moisturizing and nourishing solutions are injected under the skin, stimulating the production of collagen. Use the services of a beauty salon offering such a procedure, after the first session you will notice that expression lines have disappeared, and your skin has become younger and more beautiful.

Step 2

Get rid of expression lines with contour plastics. During this cosmetic procedure, fillers such as hyaluronic acid are injected under the skin. Contour plastics are offered by many beauty salons, so you just have to entrust the solution to the problem to experienced cosmetologists, and then enjoy the result.

Step 3

Erase under-eye wrinkles with a botulinum toxin injection. One procedure is enough to forget about the depressing problem for 6-8 months, while the desired result will be noticeable already 2-10 days after the injection. This kind of cosmetic services is offered by modern beauty salons, so you just need to choose those cosmetologists who could be entrusted with your problem.

Step 4

Use an anti-aging eye gel or cream. Some of these cosmetics contain hyaluronic acid, while others contain stem cells. The main advantage of such creams is their high efficiency.

Step 5

Home-made cosmetics will help to cope with "crow's feet". Make your own cream for mimic wrinkles: for this, mix 1 tbsp. oil vitamin E with 1 tbsp. sea ​​buckthorn oil and 1 tbsp. cocoa butter. Apply the resulting product several times a week on the skin of the eyelids and leave this mask for 13-15 minutes. Then blot the skin with a dry paper towel. And before going to bed, make a mask consisting of 10 ml of oily vitamin E and 50 ml of olive oil. Leave the applied nutrient composition on the skin around the eye for 5-7 minutes, then remove the rest with a dry paper towel.

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