How To Make Your Face Look Fresh

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How To Make Your Face Look Fresh
How To Make Your Face Look Fresh

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Healthy skin color is highly dependent on the condition of the intestines. That is why only external care, even if intensive, does little to change her condition. And to see significant changes in appearance and the result of various cosmetic procedures. it is necessary to take care of the skin from the inside.

How to make your face look fresh
How to make your face look fresh

It is necessary

  • - fruit and vegetable diet;
  • - vitamins and fortified drinks.


Step 1

For beautiful, smooth and silky skin, eat more raw vegetables and fruits. Fiber increases the tone of the intestines, prevents the accumulation of feces in it, eliminates the processes of decay of food debris. Moreover, as a sorbent, it absorbs many toxic substances, the excessive accumulation of which affects the condition of the skin. It becomes flabby and unhealthy.

Step 2

Eat fermented milk products. They fill the body with calcium and maintain normal intestinal microflora. In a healthy state, its own protective substances are synthesized in its walls, which increase immunity and affect the appearance. In the morning, drink milk and eat cottage cheese, and at night, be sure to drink a glass of kefir. Its daily use makes the skin lighter.

Step 3

To preserve the beauty and youth of the skin, a regular intake of vitamins is necessary, especially A. With its lack, it becomes dry and flaky. If in the morning the face looks youthful, and its color is quite satisfied, and in the afternoon a painful appearance appears, then this is a sure sign of vitamin A deficiency. To replenish it in the body, include more foods with its content in the diet. It is present in liver, fish, eggs, milk, butter. Sea buckthorn, apricots, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, dill, onions and lettuce are rich in provitamin A (beta-carotene).

Step 4

For the normal assimilation of all the substances that are useful and necessary for the skin, observe the principles of a healthy diet, namely, eat solid and liquid foods at different times, drink 30 minutes before meals, and during it refrain from drinking any liquid, chew thoroughly and do not overeat. Positive emotions and laughter help to optimize the digestive process. Therefore, after your meal, entertain yourself with anecdotes or watching comedies and humorous programs.

Step 5

For a normal renewal of skin cells, regularly free it from accumulated salts, acids and toxins. And this is facilitated by vigorous sports, a steam room, steam baths for the face and the use of a sufficient amount of water and healthy drinks - juices, decoctions of herbs and compotes.

Step 6

When caring for your skin, use products appropriate for your skin type. Thoroughly cleanse your skin in the evening, once a month do a light exfoliation and a different nourishing mask every week. On days when you need to look especially attractive, make a mask with chicken yolk, a few drops of lemon and olive oil (1 tsp). Stir everything until smooth and apply on face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with water.

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