How To Remove A Bruise In The Eye

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How To Remove A Bruise In The Eye
How To Remove A Bruise In The Eye

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Sometimes, for certain reasons, a rupture of a vessel can occur in the eye, and hemorrhage is formed into a bruise. This formation can be caused by the following reasons: strong cry, sudden movements, strong blow, swelling.

How to remove a bruise in the eye
How to remove a bruise in the eye


Step 1

Apply milk mixed with frankincense or salt water with a small amount of ammonia to the sore eye.

Step 2

Apply a medicinal bandage on the outside, soaked in burnt potash with wine. This is especially effective if a tumor is the cause of the disease.

Step 3

Use fresh cheese, sweet clover, radish peel, saffron, licorice root, and lentils mixed with egg yolk and rose oil. Simply apply any of these ingredients to the affected eye for a few minutes.

Step 4

Make lotions from water diluted with a few drops of vinegar or from water in which you boil the ash.

Step 5

Make lotions with aloe juice, chamomile decoction, and boiled and crushed fresh cabbage leaves.

Step 6

Make a medicinal dressing of crushed mustard, premixed with the pulp of figs (there should be 2 times more than mustard). This remedy will help relieve severe bruising in the eye.

Step 7

Take in plenty of vitamin C. It will help soften hardened tissues in the eye. Avoid tilting your head very low or abruptly to prevent bruising.

Step 8

Make strong tea compresses. They will be able to alleviate the general condition of the sore eye.

Step 9

Make a tincture with mountain arnica flowers. To prepare it, finely chop the medicinal flowers and mix them with 70% alcohol in a 1:10 ratio. Let the resulting liquid sit in a cool, dark place for several days. After that, use it inside, after dissolving 30-40 drops in water or milk. It is best to take this remedy 2-3 times daily before meals.

Step 10

Apply something cold to the affected eye several times a day (ice, frozen meat). Try not to touch the sore eye once again, it needs rest now.

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