How To Remove Capillaries From The Face

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How To Remove Capillaries From The Face
How To Remove Capillaries From The Face
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Vascular diseases can be a real problem for a woman, especially if the stars are located on the face. As soon as you notice that they begin to appear, take urgent measures to prevent and eliminate them.

How to remove capillaries from the face
How to remove capillaries from the face


Step 1

First of all, try to radically change your entire facial skin care system. Some of the cosmetics you use may not be suitable for your skin type. They must be changed without fail. If your skin has become prone to the formation of vascular formations, then forget about ordinary peeling. Replace it with an enzyme or a gentle one.

Step 2

Buy only those cosmetics that will have a positive effect on the sensitive skin of the face, gently care for it, moisturize it, as well as strengthen the blood vessels. Examine the composition of the purchased cosmetics. You need to give preference to cosmetics that include wild myrtle flowers, Japanese ginkgo, witch hazel, mountain arnica, vitamin K, vitamin PP, vitamin C.

Step 3

Review your diet. It influences the state of blood vessels no less than cosmetics. Try to remove too hot, fatty and heavy foods from the diet if possible. Also, eliminate hot and spicy spices. Avoid foods or drinks that increase blood pressure. Include parsley, blackberries, citrus fruits, cherries, grapes, broccoli, black currants, and buckwheat in your diet. It is useful to drink decoctions of horsetail and oak bark.

Step 4

If all of the above measures did not help, then contact a cosmetologist. With the help of modern technologies, they will help to restore your skin to its previous appearance. If a vascular mesh appears on the skin no more than a millimeter in diameter, then the doctor will most likely offer you laser sclerosis or photocoagulation. If a large area is affected, then ozone therapy is a more effective, but correspondingly more expensive method of treatment. During it, the specialist injects ozone and oxygen into the vessel. After cosmetic removal of asterisks, it is advisable to undergo a full examination at the clinic and establish the cause of their appearance.

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