How To Hide Abrasions On Your Face

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How To Hide Abrasions On Your Face
How To Hide Abrasions On Your Face

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Damage to the surface layers of the skin can cover different areas, depending on the nature of the injury. Such wounds heal for a long time and can leave ugly scars. If it is not possible to sharply limit contacts for the recovery period, then the abrasions must be masked.

How to hide abrasions on your face
How to hide abrasions on your face


Step 1

Cover the tracks with adhesive. Apply a wound-healing compound to the skin, cover the abrasion with a piece of gauze and cover with an adhesive plaster, preferably flesh-colored. The mask must be removed at night in order to control the healing process and provide a drying effect.

Step 2

Cover the sore with foundation. A corrector works best. If your abrasion is fresh and a thin crust of predominantly red color, neutralize it with a greenish corrector. Apply in gentle strokes, taking care not to damage the rind. The liquid foundation can be spread on top and set with a layer of translucent powder. In this way, it is impossible to hide extensive abrasions, and small ones will not completely disappear, but the face will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Step 3

Cover the wound with a hat. If the abrasion is located on the forehead, then the easiest way is to cover it with a hat or cap. When you are on the street, this method "works", but indoors it is customary to walk with your head uncovered - in this case, you can tie a scarf or bandana on your forehead. Choose a color that suits your dressing style, find an acceptable way to tie a scarf, and experiment. You can change your look every day - the headscarf can be fixed in several ways.

Step 4

Cover the abrasion with hair. You can let the bangs go over one eye - the strands will hide most of one cheek. Cut straight bangs - you will mask bruises on your forehead.

Step 5

Use face art. If you need to go to a special event, and there is an ugly abrasion on your face, then you can hide it under a layer of decorative pattern. Choose an ornament that will match your defect in shape and use all your skill to depict something unusual on your face. Face art will become part of your look, so make sure that motifs are combined with clothes, hair and accessories. The second option is to cover the wound with a plaster, and apply the drawing directly on it (if the sore is fresh and has not yet been covered with a crust). You can close up the abrasion with a special multi-colored sticker of a suitable size - a butterfly, bright flashes, a heart, etc.

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