How To Quickly Remove Redness From Acne

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How To Quickly Remove Redness From Acne
How To Quickly Remove Redness From Acne

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Acne does not go away without a trace, often after these pustules there is redness on the skin, which is too noticeable for a long time. To quickly remove redness from acne, only a green camouflage pencil and foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone will help you.

How to quickly remove redness from acne
How to quickly remove redness from acne

It is necessary

  • - tonic / cleansing foam;
  • - green camouflage pencil / powder;
  • - concealer;
  • - powder.


Step 1

Thoroughly cleanse your face by rubbing with an infusion of medicinal anti-inflammatory herbs (chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, etc.) or lotion containing alcohol. You can use glycolic acid tonics.

Step 2

If you prefer washing your face with soap or foam, it will benefit all pores on your face. Do this gently, rub your face without effort, after washing, blot your face with a terry towel, trying not to touch the inflamed areas.

Step 3

A camouflage pencil should be green in order to "cover" the red skin tone. It is applied pointwise to the area where the pimple was or is just maturing. Blend the product gently onto the skin with the pad of your finger, let it harden. On top of the green color, a foundation of a natural color is already applied. It is better if you pick up a foundation for masking redness a tone lighter than the natural skin tone, but it may well fit and completely match.

Step 4

If you have a lot of red acne spots on your face, it makes sense to use concealer powder. It is also green in color and has a thicker texture. Use it instead of a concealer / concealer. It is quite simple to apply it with a sponge on large areas of acne accumulation or on the redness formed after their treatment. Naturally, the foundation is no longer applied on top of the green powder. It is correct to cover the face with several coats of flesh-colored powder. Apply the latter in so many layers until the green tint has completely disappeared.

Step 5

This technique is only suitable for one-time masking of redness. It is not recommended to often use "heavy" tonal means on sore skin. This clogs your pores even more and makes the situation worse. To treat acne and its consequences, it is necessary to undergo many procedures, observe the rules of hygiene, often use high-quality cosmetics, and not neglect folk remedies. And most importantly, if you have a large number of problem areas on your face, you should consult a doctor.

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