How To Get Rid Of Back Acne Permanently

How To Get Rid Of Back Acne Permanently
How To Get Rid Of Back Acne Permanently

Video: How To Get Rid Of Back Acne Permanently

Video: How To Get Rid Of Back Acne Permanently
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Back acne is the biggest enemy of a good mood. Summer is coming, the time for T-shirts and T-shirts, which is why more and more guys and girls care about keeping the skin on their back clean. But what to do if acne nevertheless appears, and there is too little time to fight?

How to get rid of back acne permanently
How to get rid of back acne permanently

To begin with, it is worth figuring out why inflamed areas appear at all?

The first reason is the very active activity of the sebaceous glands - they clog the pores. Because of this, the breathing of the skin is disturbed, some places become uneven.

The second is genetic information passed down from parents. It is explained by the fact that a person has congenital pore defects with improper self-cleaning.

The third reason is the quality of the clothes. Synthetic things do not allow air to pass through, which means that the skin does not breathe and dirt and sweat accumulate in it.

The fourth is stress. Yes, it is he who is one of the main reasons for the appearance of unwanted acne. Nerve tension directly affects the work of hormones that are involved in the production of the sebaceous glands.

The fifth reason is the lack of vitamins in the body.

The sixth is puberty. During this period, many hormones are produced that increase the diameter of the pores on the skin, which is why acne is more likely to appear.

How to cleanse your back skin quickly?

  1. Less likely to wear synthetic clothing. The best substitutes are items made of cotton, linen or silk. Rough webbing increases inflammation.
  2. A good method of struggle is taking a bath with potassium permanganate. To do this, dissolve a small amount of crystals to a pale pink hue. You should be careful - if you increase the number of crystals, the skin can become dry, and you can also get a severe burn! You need to lie in the water for no more than 20 minutes. Finally, blot the skin with a soft towel, avoiding rubbing it against the fabric. This method should be carried out no more than once every 2 days.
  3. Sunbathing, going to the solarium - these methods are allowed, but only in moderation. A large amount of ultraviolet rays will in no way help cure inflammation. Exclude oils for the skin completely - they clog the pores and prevent the infection from coming out, therefore, the inflammatory processes are delayed for a long time.
  4. 3% hydrogen peroxide will help get rid of problem areas if it is applied to the skin every day. Tincture of calendula will give the same effect.
  5. A bathroom with medicinal herbs, for example, chamomile, string, celandine will not only cleanse the skin, but also make it elastic.

If traditional medicine is alarming, then you can purchase a proven remedy that helps get rid of acne in a matter of days, this is Zenerit or Baziron.