How To Quickly And Easily Remove Circles Under The Eyes

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How To Quickly And Easily Remove Circles Under The Eyes
How To Quickly And Easily Remove Circles Under The Eyes

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Circles under the eyes can occur in anyone. The reasons for their occurrence are different: lack of sleep, fatigue, kidney problems, allergies, closely located vessels. But the appearance of circles can be prevented or removed if a similar problem already exists.


Easy ways to remove under eye circles

Get enough sleep. An adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep per day. To make the circles go quickly, go to bed no later than 12 at night. And within a few days you will notice an improvement. Not only will the circles under the eyes disappear, but the general condition of the body will be much better.

Avoid sitting in front of a computer or TV before bed. Rest your eyes. Better to go for a walk in the fresh air or read a book. Thanks to such actions, the circles will disappear after a week.

If your problem is with your kidneys, remember to drink at least two liters of water a day. And don't eat a lot of salt and fatty foods. Salt retains water in the body and can cause swelling and bruising under the eyes.

Lack of vitamins affects the blood vessels. Remember to eat well to help reduce under-eye circles. Diet and malnutrition are not conducive to an improvement in appearance. Eat more vitamin C, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Lemons, oranges, black currants are natural sources of this substance.

Give up bad habits. Tobacco and alcohol also contribute to bruising under the eyes. Reducing the consumption of these substances will generally invigorate the body.

How to remove circles under the eyes using cosmetic methods

Use eye masks. You can make them from tea bags, black and green tea will do. Or vegetables. Cut the cucumber into rings and place them over the eyes. You need to use masks 2 times a day so that the circles disappear. In the future, for prophylaxis, at least 3 times a week.

Use an eye cream with the effect of reducing under eye circles. These products include caffeine, green tea, hylauronic acid, or manganese. They stimulate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, and this removes bruises and swelling. Such creams are applied 1-2 times a day.

See a beautician. With the help of hardware massage, he will remove the blue under the eyes in 3-4 procedures. This happens due to the outflow of excess fluid from problem areas.

When fighting dark spots, use foundation for the eyelid area. They, depending on the composition, also remove circles. But their main function is disguise. Use it until other remedies work.

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