How To Make Your Upper Eyelids Large

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How To Make Your Upper Eyelids Large
How To Make Your Upper Eyelids Large

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To get bigger upper eyelids, you need special makeup to make your eyes look expressive and attractive. You can do it yourself, it is not necessary to contact a professional stylist.

Eye makeup
Eye makeup


Step 1

Just a couple of strokes of the brush will make your eyes look bigger. For unknown reasons, it is a small and overhanging eyelid that is considered ugly among most girls. But pay close attention to models like Natasha Vodianova and Kate Moss. They have completely small eyes and at the same time heavy, drooping eyelids. If you want to give the upper eyelids more volume, then you will need to do special makeup for that purpose. It should be borne in mind that the upper eyelid must certainly be a little lighter than it is in reality.

Step 2

It is advisable to do makeup using a special technique. For the daytime version, it is preferable to use only shades from a neutral range, for example, beige. To begin with, you should cover the entire movable eyelid with foundation. This step will allow you to fix future makeup. Next, shade the fold a little, as if drawing a line. For this, it is advisable to use light brown shadows.

Step 3

At the next stage, you should apply a little shadow of a light shade to the entire eyelid, lighten the corner of the eye. This will make your eyes look slightly larger. Liquid eyeliner and mascara will help complete the look. To do this, draw wide enough arrows and use the extension mascara. If you want to make your look romantic and showy, then buy false eyelashes at a cosmetic store and stick them on.

Step 4

When drawing the crease of the upper eyelid with shadows, be extremely careful - do not go to the corner of the eye and the area of ​​eyelash growth, these places should not be dark. Don't forget the purple and blue hues. They can also be used in eye makeup. These shades will add mystery, depth and drama to the eyes. The lips in this makeup can be made bright and expressive. This image will be appropriate for business negotiations or a date with a loved one.

Step 5

If you want to make your eyes more expressive, use a technique called smokey ice. First, work on the lash line and lower eyelid with black shadows. Blend the resulting lines with a brush.

Step 6

Next, apply gray eyeshadow to the upper eyelid area and into the crease. Blend the result. This will make your eyes look luxurious and expressive. Draw the arrows with gel or liquid eyeliner. Finish off your makeup with mascara. Lips in this case should not be bright, use lipstick beige or pink. This makeup is perfect as an evening make-up.

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