How To Get Rid Of Wide Pores

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How To Get Rid Of Wide Pores
How To Get Rid Of Wide Pores

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Enlarged pores are a problem for many women and girls, especially during the summer. A greasy face and well-visible pores look very ugly and spoil your look even in the most chic and impeccable outfit. Conversely, an even, fresh face can make you irresistible in any jeans.

How to get rid of wide pores
How to get rid of wide pores


Step 1

Cleansing and toning.

Wash your face with cool water every morning. It tones the skin, helps reduce oiliness and tightens pores. It is recommended to cleanse the skin with products that dissolve in water - gels, foams. It is best to wash your face with cold sparkling mineral water. Thanks to the microelements contained in it, the mineral balance of the skin is restored, and the air bubbles due to micromassage will improve the complexion. In the evening, cleanse your face with a lotion for oily skin and a camphor or salicylic alcohol solution. After cleansing, do not forget to refresh your skin with toner.

Step 2


Use a low-fat nourishing cream in the morning. Apply a thin layer of a night cream before bed. Make compresses from a decoction of medicinal herbs several times a week. As a preventive measure, drink a glass of herbal tea daily. For porous skin, protein, protein-camphor, protein-lemon, yeast, fruit and vegetable masks are very useful.

Step 3


When exfoliating, use products containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid. Scrubs for oily skin should contain crushed pine nuts or apricots. Never exfoliate if your skin has pustular eruptions. Use scrubs no more than 1-2 times a week. At the same time, apply the scrub to damp skin and rub in a circular motion over the face.

Step 4


Limit spicy, fried, spicy, sweet, and fatty foods. Eliminate milk chocolate and other treats from your diet. All this has a good effect on the work of the sebaceous glands and enhances the production of sebum. Supplement your diet with a complex of vitamins and minerals. Their lack is very bad for the condition of not only the body, but also the skin.

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