Hair Care: How To Make Your Own Shampoo

Hair Care: How To Make Your Own Shampoo
Hair Care: How To Make Your Own Shampoo

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More and more funds appear on store shelves, but you do not know what to choose? Lately, you are thinking more and more about natural remedies, but you can't find them in stores? Are you so "used" to shampoo that you have to wash your hair once every one or two days? Isn't it time to create your own shampoo that suits your hair?

Hair care: how to make your own shampoo
Hair care: how to make your own shampoo

Here we present several recipes for shapoons that you can prepare yourself, giving your hair the natural vitamins and minerals found in their components.

1. Mustard shampoo for oily hair (removes oily shine, hair does not get dirty so quickly):

1 tbsp. Dissolve a spoonful of mustard in two liters of warm water and wash your hair with this shampoo.

2. Shampoo-infusion of tansy (for oily hair and dandruff):

1 tbsp. pour a spoonful of tansy with two glasses of boiling water, leave for two hours, and then strain. Rinse hair with strained infusion.

3. Nettle shampoo:

Pour 100 g of fresh or dry nettle with 1 liter of water, add 0.5 liters of vinegar. Boil the mixture over low heat for 30 minutes, then strain. Add 2-3 cups of the resulting broth to a bowl of water. Wash your hair with this composition.

4. "Rye shampoo":

The recipe is complex, but it turns out great!

You will need:

Rye flour - 3 tbsp. spoons;

Chamomile flowers - 1 tsp;

Burdock root - 1 tsp;

Lemon juice - 1 tbsp. the spoon

Rosemary (essential oil) - 5 drops;

Jojoba oil - 1 tsp.

Pour a mixture of chamomile and burdock with 1 cup boiling water and let it brew for about 15 minutes. Pour rye flour with this broth (bring to the consistency of thick sour cream), add lemon juice, rosemary essential oil, previously diluted in jojoba oil. Mix everything well and apply to hair. Massage your hair thoroughly, paying attention to oily areas, then rinse your head well several times.

5. Harmless baking soda shampoo:

1 tbsp. a spoonful of baking soda is poured into 1 cup of very hot water and stirred until completely dissolved. After that, you need to wait a while until the shampoo cools down, pick it up in your hand and distribute it through your hair. Thoroughly massage and rinse your hair (lemon water is better for this, it makes hair strong, manageable and gives it shine).

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