How To Choose Decorative Cosmetics

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How To Choose Decorative Cosmetics
How To Choose Decorative Cosmetics

Video: How To Choose Decorative Cosmetics

Video: How To Choose Decorative Cosmetics
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Most women use decorative cosmetics. It helps to create the desired image, highlight the advantages and hide the imperfections of the face. Now in stores there is a wide range of cosmetics, and you need to learn how to choose them correctly.

How to choose decorative cosmetics
How to choose decorative cosmetics


Step 1

Before buying decorative cosmetics, consult a dermatologist. He will determine your skin type and features, as well as give professional advice on the selection of cosmetics.

Step 2

Do not buy cosmetics in markets and stalls, it is better to go to a specialized store, there are less chances to buy a fake. Be sure to read the annotation and look at the release date and expiration date of the product. The packaging must indicate the manufacturer and composition of the product. Quality cosmetics include vitamins, supplements, antioxidants and sunscreens.

Step 3

When choosing a color scheme for decorative cosmetics, take into account the color of your hair, eyes, skin, as well as the image that you want to create with makeup.

Step 4

It is very important to choose the right foundation, because it is the basis of your makeup. The tone of the product should match your skin color or be slightly lighter. The foundation should be light and have the qualities of a good face cream: moisturize and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. There are products that have a lifting effect, but they are much more expensive.

Step 5

Good mascara makes the look more expressive, and gives volume and length to the lashes. First, decide which one you need: voluminous, lengthening or waterproof. A high-quality product is similar in consistency to a cream, lays down in an even layer on the eyelashes, does not roll, does not crumble and does not have a strong chemical odor. It is good if the composition contains vitamins useful for eyelashes, keratin and castor oil. Special medicated mascara will heal your eyelashes. It is usually ophthalmologically approved and is great for women who wear contact lenses. Waterproof mascara is indispensable in rainy weather and when playing sports.

Step 6

Modern high-quality lipstick will help make your lips more expressive and voluminous. It should be applied smoothly and evenly, without causing a feeling of dryness and tightness. A pleasant smell and delicate texture are another plus for the product. The color scheme depends on the hair color, your individual preferences and the type of makeup. Pearlescent lipstick and lip gloss add extra volume. A matte lipstick is perfect for work makeup, and save glitter lipstick for fun parties and clubbing.

Step 7

Eyeshadow is another staple of make-up. First, a good quality product is never cheap. Bad eyeshadow can cause allergies, irritation and redness of the eyes. The eyeshadow should lie on the eyelids evenly and not collect in the folds of the skin. Read the composition of the product, synthetic, not metallic pigments - a reason to buy eyeshadow.

Step 8

In addition to all of the above, be guided by well-known manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, which have positively recommended themselves in the beauty market. Use testers, if the product you like costs a lot of money, buy a sample first to make sure that you need this particular cosmetic product.