Which Eyeliner Is Best

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Which Eyeliner Is Best
Which Eyeliner Is Best

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Eyeliner is a cosmetic product that helps to highlight the eyes, make them brighter and more expressive. To make a truly spectacular makeup, you need to choose the right pencil.

Which eyeliner is best
Which eyeliner is best

Choosing a quality eyeliner

The cosmetic pencil is created so that women can skillfully emphasize their eyes, make them more expressive. When choosing cosmetics in a store, you must first of all pay attention to its quality.

A good pencil has a fairly soft lead. Before purchasing, you can use a probe by drawing a line on the back of your wrist. The lead should not crumble, and the line should not spread and smear over the skin. A pencil that is too soft is not stable enough. The makeup done by him does not look very neat. A lead that is too hard can injure the delicate skin of the eyelids.

Wooden and automatic pencils are available in modern stores. The bodies of the automatic cosmetic products are made of plastic. They do not require sharpening, which is certainly very convenient.

Waterproof eyeliners aren't for everyone. Their use can cause allergies, a burning sensation, so it is advisable to use them only in special cases.

There are special pencils for emphasizing the lower eyelid. They are called kayals. Their main advantage is softness and hypoallergenicity. As a rule, they have a light shade. They are intended to emphasize the mucous membrane of the eyelid. Such makeup allows you to make your eyes more open and visually enlarge your eyes.

Good cosmetic pencils can be found among the range of luxury cosmetics. They have a fairly high cost, but their quality, as a rule, is able to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

When buying a pencil, be sure to check the production date and expiration date. Expired products often have a harder lead, which makes them very difficult to use.

Choosing a shade of cosmetic pencil

Nowadays, muted eyeliner shades are in vogue. Cosmetic products of black color can only be afforded by bright brunettes. Makeup artists recommend blondes and brown-haired women to opt for pencils of gray, brown, plum, blue shades.

In the summer, you can afford brighter eyeliner colors. Turquoise, bright blue shades perfectly accentuate the sun tan.

For evening make-up, pencils with shiny microparticles are perfect. Quality products have a very delicate sheen that gives depth and expression to the look.

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