Korean Cosmetics: Reviews Of Cosmetologists

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Korean Cosmetics: Reviews Of Cosmetologists
Korean Cosmetics: Reviews Of Cosmetologists

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The beauty and youth of the inhabitants of Korea always appeal to admiration. They look incredibly fresh even at a very advanced age. The key is that centuries-old traditions are not forgotten in the country. Natural products without additives are preferred to modern technology. The culture of personal care has become a matter of particular pride.

Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists
Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists

Korean cosmetics are always associated with the magic of nature. Justification of the expectation and high quality is fully confirmed by the reviews of cosmetologists.

Reason for popularity

Asian care products have managed to gain leading positions in the popularity rating. However, finding Korean products in domestic stores is not easy at all. Nevertheless, it deserves special attention.

European and American retailers divide cosmetics into decorative and care products. Koreans are of the opposite opinion. They create all products on the basis of medicinal extracts.

Extracts, essences, oils are used. For many years, the most advanced scientific technologies have been used to produce beauty products in Korea.

Thanks to unique molecular synthesis, deep selection and extraction, the properties of the most valuable natural ingredients are fully preserved.

Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists
Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists

Luxurious cosmetics are not tested on animals. Koreans are proud of the age-old secrets of youth, carefully preserving them. Combined with cutting edge development, these recipes produce wonderful results. Korean beauty products are characterized by efficiency, high quality and safety.

Affordable cost also becomes an important argument "for". Manufacturers hardly use advertising. The cost of spending on it is not reflected.

Care rules

Korean women devote a lot of time every day to personal care. Various means are used in this ritual. And consistency is extremely important. Only then will the products work in full force.

Morning care

Cosmetologists recommend that you carefully study the rules of use and the products themselves. Morning care consists of several stages. The ritual begins with cleansing. Foam, paste or cream soap is suitable for this.

After washing, the face is blotted with a paper towel. This is followed by moisturizing. Asian cosmetics differ significantly from the usual. The tonic is used to moisturize. Apply it without a cotton pad. After foaming, the skin's moisture level decreases.

Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists
Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists

It dries up without any additional agent. Otherwise, tonics are called boosters, toners. They normalize the moisture balance and improve the permeability of the skin for creams. It is recommended to apply the toner to the face immediately after washing.

A new stage - concentrated products of serum, ampoules, essences of a narrow focus. For example, there are products for bleaching pigmentation. They are applied only to problem areas.

Then use a day cream. There are many variations of it. The choice depends on the type of skin and the season. Lighter structures are desirable in summer. Lotions, emulsions or gels are suitable. They are ideal for the fatty type. Dry wins after nourishing creams.

The Korean women call the final step massage with a primer. Its role is played by a tonal base or BB-cream, powder of a fixing action. Often, in addition, such agents protect against ultraviolet radiation.

Evening care

The metropolis negatively affects the appearance. To reduce the effects of stress, it is important to remove your makeup wisely every night. It is best to use a hydrophilic oil for this. In a small amount, it is applied to the skin and massaged. After adding a little water, gently massage again, and then wash off the face.

Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists
Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists

For the final disposal of makeup residues, take a cleansing foam. Next, you need to tone the skin and choose additional care according to its type. Masks are applied at night several times a week.Positive changes are noticeable after the first applications.

The skin is smoothed, the complexion improves, and an inner glow appears. But not without negative reviews. There are two reasons for disappointment.

The first is illiterate use. Even the familiar names of Korean-made products require attention. Applying the tonic to a cotton pad to wipe your face does not produce favorable results.

Only hydrophilic oil is suitable for any skin. A side effect of its use is the acceleration of the growth of eyebrows with eyelashes. An irreplaceable product for getting rid of BB cream residues.

The consequences of improper care are peeling with inflammation. This is a reaction to low-quality drugs. Korean professional cosmetics "Mizon", "Tony Moli", "Skin Food" are often counterfeited, like ordinary good products.

Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists
Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists

Snail in cosmetology

The unique properties of the snail's secret were revealed in the developments of European scientists. These slow creatures secrete a substance that can quickly rejuvenate and regenerate the skin and destroy acne. The demand for such know-how among Korean women was so high that the booking of groceries began in a couple of months.

Over time, all brands in the country began to release snail collections. The slime of amazing creatures has been used in cosmetology for a long time. There is no danger of receiving a secret, and for the sake of beauty, living beings do not suffer.

Experts' reviews confirm that the option is most suitable for those who are already over thirty. Products are capable of:

  • healing;
  • treatment of stretch marks, scars;
  • cell regeneration.

The main feature of all products with a similar ingredient is the concentration of the secret. The more it is, the more effective the product has on the skin. "Tony Moly" products are called the number one snail South Korean cosmetics.

Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists
Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists

Preference is given to Korean brands. All the developments of the best Korean product called "Intense Repair Live Snail" demonstrate miracles of transformation.

The snail secret has many unique components. They help to retain moisture, skin elasticity, saturate it with oxygen and accelerate regeneration. She calms down, does not respond to UV exposure and looks great. Among the brand's ingredients are valuable plant extracts and oils, oils.

BB cream

The increased popularity of BB creams has made these products a must for any cosmetic bag. A single tool combines the capabilities of several.

Blemish Balm protects, moisturizes and generates from inflammation. The drug, intended by German cosmetologists for those who underwent plastic surgery, gave such amazing results that the idea was taken up by the most popular manufacturers.

The irecommend portal offers individual reviews of current products. A high-quality BB cream, regardless of tone, completely merges with the skin, making even significant defects invisible.

Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists
Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists

Features of cosmetics are focused on the beauties of Asia. They have their own standards. They often differ from those familiar to Europeans. The main thing for Korean women is porcelain leather.

The ultimate dream is an elastic and perfect smooth, healthy and matte surface of the face with a special glow from the inside. In Europe, dullness is associated with fatigue.

All BB creams are characterized by the formation of an internal glow effect. However, it will take several hours, and the shine is transformed into a greasy one. Not a single product can act effectively throughout the day. There is a way out in the use of matting wipes.

Secrets of using Korean cosmetics

One of the most important stages is cleansing. Often, peelings contain particles that injure the skin with frequent. Even Korean cosmetics cannot cope with peeling.

The peeling roll is distinguished by a more delicate action. It narrows the pores, removes dead cells, and refreshes the tone.However, it should also be applied with caution in the presence of redness or inflammation. Therefore, due to misapplication, there are negative reviews among the rave reviews.

Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists
Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists

The product works only on dry skin:

  1. A little of the product is applied to the cleansed face with patting weightless actions.
  2. Leave unaffected for a few minutes and massage the face with your fingertips.
  3. The gel rolls down, taking dead cells with it.
  4. Wash off with heated water.

Especially effective is the Skin & lab dr.Vita Clinic Gently Vita Exfoliantor with a delicate fruity aroma. The product does not stick to the hands, and particles from the face do not fall off.

Yamibox offers a unique opportunity to test the results of the work of Asian cosmetologists. The box contains several mini-packages of the product, full-size, samples.

Korean cosmetics brands "Mizon", "Missha", "Secret Key", "Holika Holika" and "Skin Food" will give a healthy complexion and get rid of minor imperfections.

Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists
Korean cosmetics: reviews of cosmetologists

The indisputable advantage is the presence of exclusively natural ingredients. With proper use, such products will not harm even the most sensitive skin.

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