How To Build A Beard

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How To Build A Beard
How To Build A Beard

A beard is the mark of a true geologist. Or a tourist … It doesn't matter, in general. The beard is bold, romantic and with a pretense of chic. A beard also helps to hide some facial imperfections, for example, scars or an unsuccessful chin shape. In a word, it is worthwhile to decide one day and get yourself a beard. The main thing is to do it without mistakes.

To make a beard look spectacular, you need to take good care of it
To make a beard look spectacular, you need to take good care of it

It is necessary

  • - soft shower gel;
  • - stiff bristled hair brush;
  • - softening lotion;
  • - hair clipper.


Step 1

Don't shave for at least a month. If you have blonde hair, this period may take even longer. At first, the chin will itch and look very untidy, but you have to be patient. If you start trimming the stubble earlier than you should, the beard will grow uneven and clumpy.

Ideally, stop shaving from the first day of your vacation. In this case, the beard will have time to get stronger, and by the time you return to work, all the worst will be over.

Step 2

Keep your beard clean to prevent itching. For cleansing, it is better to use a mild gel rather than soap.

Step 3

Brush your beard twice a day. This will prevent hairs from curling and growing under your skin. It is also an excellent massage to promote bristle growth.

Use an emollient lotion after combing. This is especially necessary for those who grow a tough red beard, as well as those whose hair is naturally curly.

Step 4

Go to the hairdresser for your first haircut. This can be done when the beard has grown enough. The first haircut is very important. The master can better see all parts of the hair, which means he will cut as smoothly as possible.

Together with a professional, you can choose the shape of the beard that suits your face type. It can be difficult to do this on your own, because it is difficult to look at yourself from the side, even with the help of a mirror.

Step 5

Once you've styled your beard for the first time, all you have to do is take good care of it. You can leave the beard at the same level, you can grow it further - the choice is yours. Just buy a good clipper with a beard and mustache attachment. Align the edges with it. Remove all excess with a razor.

Step 6

In order to maintain the chosen shape, visit a hairdresser once a month and a half. Apply a softening lotion to your stubble regularly. A beard only looks beautiful when it is carefully looked after.