How To Speed Up Bristle Growth

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How To Speed Up Bristle Growth
How To Speed Up Bristle Growth

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The speed of hair regrowth, cell regeneration and all life processes are laid down at the genetic level. But only nature can be outsmarted, for this you do not need to do something special.

How to speed up bristle growth
How to speed up bristle growth


Step 1

The rate of hair regrowth depends not only on genes, the level of calcium in the body, but also on hormones. If a hormonal disruption occurs, all your efforts will be in vain, and in other cases, the growth of bristles can be easily accelerated. If facial hair grows too slowly, shave it off and start over. Sometimes growth is activated after shaving, but this cannot be guaranteed either. Therefore, if the results are already significant and you need only 2 mm to be happy, it is better to put the blade aside for later.

Step 2

A special agent Monoxidil is sold in pharmacies, it also has derivatives analogs of Rogain and Regain. You can buy any that you just find at your nearest pharmacy. The lotion will accelerate hair growth in the area where you apply it. It has a completely harmless composition, it contains no hormones and dyes. But not suitable for sensitive skin, as it contains alcohol in its composition.

Step 3

Mix equal parts castor oil and burdock oil and apply to the bristles. Keep it on for 1-2 hours, then wash it off with warm soapy water. Do this twice a week and within a short period of time you will notice a positive result. You will also get a nice "side effect" in the form of an improvement in the condition of the skin of the face.

Step 4

Remember that hair and stubble growth also depends on the supply of vitamins and minerals to the body. Take courses of any complex preparation suitable for you. Usually you need to take vitamins for 30 days and take 15 days off.

Step 5

A good diet with the use of not only animal products, but also cereals, as well as fruits and vegetables normalizes metabolic processes, and you will achieve an early result.

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