How To Remove Puffiness From The Eyes

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How To Remove Puffiness From The Eyes
How To Remove Puffiness From The Eyes

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Many women face the problem of puffy eyes. The mostly sick sight of the face in the mirror makes you want to stay at home and skip work / school. In this case, you need to pull yourself together and help your eyes to get a healthy look as soon as possible. The tools that are always at hand will help to do this.

How to remove puffiness from the eyes
How to remove puffiness from the eyes


Step 1

More fluid

In general, swelling of the eyes is the accumulation of excess water. In order to get rid of the problem that has arisen, you need to get rid of this surplus as quickly as possible. Watermelon, green tea, and some diuretic herbs can help with this

Step 2


The swelling can also be removed with the help of hands. Use your fingertips to press on the skin around the eyes, grasping the corners of the eyes and the eyelid. Massage your skin in a circular motion. Use your fingertips to tap your lower eyelid and the outer corner of your eye

Step 3

Water procedures

Wash your face with cold and hot water alternately. This will improve blood circulation and reduce eye puffiness. You can use ice cubes instead of water

Step 4


The swelling can be removed with the most affordable remedy - tea. Dampen a cotton pad with cold, strong tea leaves and rub your eyes with it. It is better to freeze the tea altogether, and, if necessary, apply frozen pieces to the sore eyes.

In addition to tea, you can use the herb eyebright, chamomile, parsley, the decoctions of which contribute to the rapid removal of edema and swelling.

Step 5


If puffy eyes are not uncommon for you, you should get a special cream or cooling gel that you need to apply every morning to problem areas. Thanks to their special composition, such cosmetics will maintain the balance of the skin around the eyes and activate the cells, thereby relieving swelling.

Step 6

Daily regime

Monitor your daily routine. This will make you understand why your eyes do not have time to rest at night and in the morning they give you a not very aesthetic look in the mirror. This may mean that you are simply not getting enough sleep. Make sure that your head does not tilt back and does not take a horizontal position during sleep.

Step 7


An excess of salt leads to fluid retention in the body. If so, stop using the spice, or at least reduce the amount. Eat more foods that make it easier for you to drain. These include bananas, raisins, and watermelons.

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