How To Mask Wide Pores On Your Face

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How To Mask Wide Pores On Your Face
How To Mask Wide Pores On Your Face

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Large pores on the face look extremely unaesthetic: they accumulate dirt and make-up, the skin seems heterogeneous. In most cases, the owners of such a problem visually seem older. To cope with this defect, you can learn how to properly mask wide pores.

How to mask wide pores on your face
How to mask wide pores on your face

Competent care

It is almost impossible to get rid of wide pores at home, despite all the assurances of manufacturers of cosmetic products. It is of course within your power to minimize the scale of the problem a little. Proper care will not make your pores completely invisible, but it will significantly shorten them, and then much less masking manipulations will be required.

Above all, avoid products with heavy, oily textures6 that “mechanically” stretch pores. All kinds of oils and nourishing creams can certainly be beneficial for the skin, but also make the pore problem worse.

Use cosmetics that tighten pores: clay masks, serums, toners. It is necessary to understand that most of these products do not have a cumulative effect, so it is advisable to use them immediately before applying makeup.

Basic disguise

In recent years, too much information has appeared in the media about the dangers of silicones in cosmetics. It is difficult to argue with these statements, but, unfortunately, it is this ingredient that allows a number of products to best mask enlarged pores. However, do not despair: the harm of silicones is somewhat exaggerated. If your skin does not react to such products with rashes, you can safely use them. The main thing is to thoroughly cleanse the skin in the evening.

If you want to hide enlarged pores with just one cosmetic product, that must be a foundation. Consider a few nuances when choosing. An overly liquid product looks the most natural, but your pores will probably not hide. Moreover, such textures are able to "sink" into the pores during the day and make them even more noticeable. Choose a foundation with a medium texture. Apply it with a brush: this will distribute the product as evenly as possible and cover every millimeter of your skin.

Additional funds

Most cosmetic brands have separate products that are designed to even out the complexion and mask the large pores on the skin.

First of all, it is a makeup base. Most often it is a transparent substance that has no color. It fills in irregularities on the face, making it visually smoother. Any foundation applied over the base will fit better and completely hide skin imperfections.

BB and CC creams are equally popular. These are multifunctional tools that solve many problems at once. They moisturize the skin, protect against ultraviolet radiation and, as a rule, have an impressive hiding power. The coating is quite dense and requires a special two-phase rinsing with oils and cleaning foam.

Finally, the most effective remedies are pore correctors. The product has a fairly dense texture. It is recommended to apply it not to the entire face, but only to those areas where enlarged pores are most pronounced. Has a "Photoshop effect", smoothing out even the most serious irregularities. However, this property, of course, does not benefit the skin, so it is not recommended to use correctors all the time.

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