Mechanical Face Cleaning From Blackheads

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Mechanical Face Cleaning From Blackheads
Mechanical Face Cleaning From Blackheads

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Even on healthy skin comedones sometimes appear, they are also blackheads associated with disruption of the sebaceous glands. It is possible to prevent their appearance, but if acne has already formed, then you can get rid of them only through cleansing.

Mechanical face cleaning from blackheads
Mechanical face cleaning from blackheads

What is skin cleansing

This is a cosmetic procedure aimed at cleansing the pores from sebum, which is necessary for all skin types. Without cleaning, the likelihood of further development of subsequent negative processes is high and inflamed acne can form in the place of comedones. Mechanical cleaning of the skin frees the pores best of all, in addition, it helps to improve the complexion and skin condition in general. This procedure has only one drawback: even with the most careful implementation, the skin retains traces of exposure for some time, therefore it is better not to clean it on the eve of important measures.

Despite the fact that the general principle of cleaning is similar both in a beauty salon and at home, it is still better to carry it out with a professional cosmetologist. This reduces the risk of scarring and subsequent inflammation.

Indications and contraindications for cleaning

Mechanical cleaning is recommended for acne, including teenage acne, as well as for owners of skin with enlarged pores, prone to oily. In this case, brushing will help prevent acne vulgaris. But in some cases, it is strictly forbidden to do it. Contraindications for use are exacerbations of skin diseases, superficial location of the vascular network and vascular disease.

Care should be taken when cleaning with dry skin, so as not to stimulate irritation and premature wrinkle formation.

How is mechanical cleansing of the face carried out?

The first stage of this procedure, both at home and in a beauty salon, is to cleanse the face of make-up and steam the pores. The differences are only in the course of the process itself: a special device is used for this in the salon, and at home you have to be content with an ordinary steam bath. Opened pores are easier to part with the contents and the skin is less injured. To improve the result, you can make a bath based on medicinal herbs with an antibacterial effect, which, simultaneously with steaming, will prevent inflammation. In the future, in the salon, cleaning is carried out with sterile instruments: a tiny special strainer, an Una spoon and a Vidal needle, which is used for the most deeply located comedones. At home, mechanical cleaning is carried out with fingertips, which should be sterile clean, but if you have tools and certain skills in their use, this procedure can be improved. To do this, first, excess sebum and keratinized skin particles are removed with a strainer, and only then comedones are squeezed out. The final stage of cleaning is disinfection of the pores and the application of a soothing mask with an antiseptic effect. The last cream is applied to the skin corresponding to its type. The procedure is carried out no more than once a month, after which it is not recommended to visit a solarium or sunbathe for several days.

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