White Clay For Acne Masks

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White Clay For Acne Masks
White Clay For Acne Masks

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Today, many women use masks made of various types of clay to maintain their beauty as an excellent cosmetic product. And this procedure brings the desired effect.

White clay for acne masks
White clay for acne masks

Today, the variety of types of cosmetic clay is quite extensive. You can see yellow and blue, white and gray, even brown clay in pharmacies. All of them are curative, but you should know how and for what to use this or that clay for health and as a cosmetic product. White clay for acne is currently considered the most effective remedy in the fight against problem skin.

Characteristic qualities of white clay

The effectiveness of this tool is quite significant. White clay promotes whitening and toning, while it is considered an excellent way to prevent acne and blemishes after them. In addition, this clay perfectly cleanses the skin and has a smoothing effect.

Before preparing the mask, you should make sure that the white clay has been well cleaned and sieved. It is imperative to cleanse the skin well before applying, and then remove the product with simple wet wipes. Never use soap.

To prepare a white clay mask for acne, you can take egg yolk, honey about one spoon and olive oil. Add a teaspoon of clay and some water. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and then apply to the skin of the face.

The following mask is no less effective against acne. To prepare it, you need to mix white clay, grape juice and a little bit of flower honey.

Alternatively, you can use another acne mask. To prepare such a useful remedy, mix blue and white clay in equal proportions and add a little decoction of medicinal herbs there. It can be an infusion of chamomile or nettle, calendula or St. John's wort. Apply this mask to the skin and leave it to dry completely.

Additional recipes

Cosmetic masks based on white clay, preferably done twice a week, then you can achieve some results in the fight against acne. Acne is a fairly common and unpleasant problem, so many are trying to find their own effective recipe that could quickly get rid of such a nuisance.

One of the means to help cleanse the skin can be the following mask. To prepare it, you will need two teaspoons of clay and one teaspoon of bodyagi, which is sold in pharmacies in powder form. All of these ingredients are mixed and diluted with water. After the time has passed, when the mask is dry, you need to moisturize your face.

Having chosen white clay as a remedy for acne, you should understand that before you start self-medication, you need to know all the details about your skin.

Any tool used can behave in a dual manner, that is, show it both from a good side and not a very pleasant one.

Even a mask that is simple in composition can not help, but, on the contrary, significantly aggravate the condition of the skin. You should not risk your own beauty - first you need to get qualified advice from a specialized specialist who will determine how sensitive the skin is and how it will perceive masks containing white clay.

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