How To Remove Acne Marks

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How To Remove Acne Marks
How To Remove Acne Marks

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Acne on the face spoils the mood, but it is even more depressing when there are traces after them. They may not go away for several months, but there are remedies that help reduce them effectively.

Acne marks
Acne marks

Often, after a pimple has disappeared, a bruise mark remains in its place. This phenomenon is observed when a person tried to squeeze it out and brought an infection into the wound. This is why dermatologists do not recommend acting on your own. But if a problem has appeared, then it must be solved, it can be done with the help of improvised means.

Acne masks

Masks will help to remove traces of acne. Their composition can be different, but the most effective are those in which there is white clay. Often it is enough to apply such a mask 3 times so that no traces of acne remain. Lemon juice or vinegar can be recommended as additional ingredients. However, they can greatly whiten the skin, so add them little by little (3-4 drops). A cucumber mask copes well with traces of acne. To do this, you need to grate the vegetable and apply the resulting gruel all over your face for about 15 minutes. The procedure must be repeated at least 7 times with a break of 3 days. This mask will not only help get rid of bruises, but also tighten the skin and restore freshness to the face.

Essential oils

Rosemary and tea tree essential oils can help fight acne marks. It is important to dilute them with base oil in a 1: 3 ratio before applying to the skin. If you ignore this advice, then a burn will flaunt at the place of the pimple mark, there are often cases of allergic reactions. Peppermint and lavender oils can also help deal with this problem. Their action is less aggressive, so you can not breed them. To achieve a lasting effect, you will need to apply the mixture to the skin 5 times with a break of 1 day. A decoction of parsley copes with this problem very well, but it will take about a month for the complete disappearance of the cosmetic defect.

Salon procedures

If you don't want to resort to masks and essential oils, then you should go to the salon to remove acne marks. Experienced cosmetologists will help get rid of this problem in one or two sessions. Usually, ultrasonic face cleansing is done, at the same time dirt is removed and the complexion improves. However, if it has a lot of acne marks, then vacuum cleaning may be offered. This procedure is very effective, in addition, it gets rid of small scars and scars. Before going to the salon, you should find out the cost of this service, since it is quite expensive, since it gives good results the first time, but you can save your own time.

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