How To Remove A Red Complexion

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How To Remove A Red Complexion
How To Remove A Red Complexion

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Redness of the face is characterized by the presence of red spots on it and always indicates problems with the capillaries. Small vessels are very fragile and abruptly fill with blood, which leads to their expansion. More often, redness worries the fairer sex with fair skin after 30-35 years old, suffering from sensitivity to external factors.

How to remove a red complexion
How to remove a red complexion


Step 1

Facial redness can be temporary and occur in stressful situations. However, sometimes this phenomenon is so pronounced that the face remains red and in a calm environment, vascular networks and asterisks appear. The reasons for this are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, improperly selected skin care products, washing with too hot water, and others. A person suffering from a similar disease requires special care and adherence to certain dietary rules. Avoid spicy and smoked foods, tomatoes, liver, chocolate, cheese and yoghurts. Eat more foods containing vitamins K, P and C. Try to minimize alcohol, nicotine and stressful situations. They can also negatively affect the condition of the skin.

Step 2

If your face is prone to redness, avoid contact with hot water, heating masks and steam baths. You should not rub and rub the cream vigorously. This leads to mechanical damage to the skin. Beware of sudden changes in temperature, prolonged exposure to the sun, wind and cold.

Step 3

Reddened skin needs daily self-care. Wash with water at a temperature of 32-34 degrees. Such water does not constrict small vessels, does not irritate the skin and does not dry it out. Use preservative- and fragrance-free gel products to remove makeup and cleanse your face morning and evening. When doing this, use alkaline soaps and alcohol lotions. Finish cleansing with a light massage on your face with your fingertips and then refresh your skin with a soothing spray.

Step 4

In the morning, apply a moisturizer to your skin to protect it from cold, wind and environmental pollution. Choose a product based on your skin type. In the fight against acne, use a cream based on plant extracts that conceals up to 30% of redness. Extracts of green tea, orange, apple, chestnut perfectly strengthen blood vessels. In the summer, get a UV protected cream.

Step 5

In the evening, apply a nourishing cream to help regenerate skin cells. Choose it according to your age. Apply the product some time before bed, lightly, without rubbing the skin.

Step 6

You can hide skin imperfections with face masks. Stir in the juice of one lemon, egg white, 10 g sugar and 10 ml water. Apply the resulting mass on your face for a third of an hour, and then rinse with warm water. Apply a moisturizer to your skin. Use the product every two days for a course of 5-7 procedures.

Step 7

Make a lemon juice and parsley lotion. Brew a strong decoction from fresh frozen or fresh herbs, infuse it and mix with lemon juice in equal proportions. Moisten the skin with this product in the morning and evening, and then moisturize it with cream.

Step 8

An effective method of treating a reddened face is sympathectomy - an operation performed in beauty salons. In 95-98% of patients, the result is achieved immediately and persists for a long time.

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