How To Quickly Remove A Red Pimple

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How To Quickly Remove A Red Pimple
How To Quickly Remove A Red Pimple

Video: How To Quickly Remove A Red Pimple

Video: How To Quickly Remove A Red Pimple
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It happens that a pimple appears on healthy skin from time to time. And this happens at the most inopportune moment, when there is some event or any important occasion for which you just need to look your best. In order to get rid of a sudden defect, any means and methods are used. By the way, some of them give very good results.

How to quickly remove a red pimple
How to quickly remove a red pimple

It is necessary

  • - chamomile and calendula herb;
  • - potatoes and aloe;
  • - 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • - chloramphenicol or streptocid.


Step 1

The appearance of acne can be caused by various reasons: hormonal surge, inaccuracies in nutrition or care. Therefore, you should carefully approach the choice of cosmetics and, in addition, monitor your diet.

Step 2

For a quick pimple elimination, have yourself a hungry day. Refrain from eating for a day. Do not deny yourself only liquid. Drink water, freshly made juices or compotes, and kefir at night.

Step 3

Steam your face. It cleanses the skin well, prevents the appearance of new rashes. And to make the steam bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, add calendula and chamomile to the water.

Step 4

After the face bath, make an anti-inflammatory mask from gruel or a slice of raw potatoes. Apply it for 10 minutes every hour. In the evening, apply a piece of aloe leaf with pulp to the pimple.

Step 5

If the pimple is ripe, it must be opened and cleaned of pus. To do this, soak a cotton swab in 3% hydrogen peroxide and treat the wound. Apply the powder of a crushed tablet of chloramphenicol or streptocide on it. Leave it overnight. In the morning, apply a fresh potato slice to the pimple again. Repeat these procedures every day. They will help get rid of the pimple quickly enough.

Step 6

To eliminate the acne mark, continue to make anti-inflammatory masks from potatoes and aloe and, in addition, apply warmed medical paraffin (up to 55 ° C) to the reddened skin area for 10 days or roll a hot egg over the same place. Strengthening blood circulation will quickly relieve inflammation and restore skin color.

Step 7

For a while, until the pimple disappears completely, you can make it less noticeable with a corrector. But to hide the redness, cover the pimple itself first with a white pencil and only then with a correcting agent or foundation.