How To Remove Facial Hair

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How To Remove Facial Hair
How To Remove Facial Hair

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Even if you have a beautiful face, excessive vegetation on it can ruin the whole impression of you. So it's time to get rid of her.

How to remove facial hair
How to remove facial hair

It is necessary

  • Determination and tweezers
  • Gel (cream) for hair removal and half an hour of time
  • Wax and durability
  • Money for a trip to a beauty salon


Step 1

There are three important things to know before you start removing hair from your face. First, I must say a strict "no" to two things: shaving hair and removing it with dubious means like dope grass or chestnut peel, which are now being trumpeted by the entire Internet. In the first case, you run the risk of getting dense non-female vegetation, in the second, you risk getting poisoned. The third thing to think about is health. Antennae and other excesses can indicate hormonal imbalance. Just in case, you should see a doctor.

Step 2

So, a hit parade of suitable methods, from complex and cheap to simple but expensive. The oldest method used by our grandmothers is plucking facial hair with tweezers. The almost free procedure is simple, but it has several hard-hitting consequences. It can be painful. And if the hair follicles remain in place, their new inhabitants will become harder and darker. Although some ladies calmly wield tweezers without feeling any pain. And they are satisfied with the result. The main thing here is skill.

Step 3

Others use specialized depilatory creams and gels, which, interacting with the hairs, practically dissolve them. These funds - even of high quality - are usually cheap, and therefore available to every woman. It is only worth applying the dissolving gruel to the problem area for a few minutes, then gently rinse. Before using the product, be sure to check for an allergic reaction: apply a drop to your hand and rinse off after a few minutes. If there is no redness, you can safely engage in "dissolution". It will take nothing at all. Make sure that there are no extra hairs left after the procedure. If they are, repeat.

Step 4

Wax - the peak of fashion in the field of hair removal - is not so painless, but it has an optimal ratio of price, quality and long-term result. They can remove hair from the cheekbones and above the lip both in the salon and at home. It is recommended that you initially have this procedure done by a master, where you can memorize this wax removal technique. In the price list of salons, this service, by the way, is called "waxing". Then it remains only to buy wax and repeat the removal scheme exactly. However, there is nothing complicated in it anyway: apply heated wax, wait until it cools, then remove it with cloth strips or napkins. There are now special kits for removing facial hair, wax strips for lips and eyebrow shaping, convenient for home use.

Step 5

The following procedures can only be carried out in the salon. Electrolysis (electrolysis) is possible only in a salon. The almost jewelry work of a craftsman can be somewhat painful. However, the result is above all praise. About five procedures and all the vegetation will disappear - it will be destroyed by weak current pulses. A close and painless relative of this procedure is photoepilation (laser). Its drawback is, perhaps, only in one thing - in the price. If you want to achieve maximum results, then it makes sense to save up for this procedure. The most important thing here is to find a good salon. Having carefully studied the reviews on the masters, you can find the right one.

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