How To Use Old Cosmetics

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How To Use Old Cosmetics
How To Use Old Cosmetics

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Women cannot resist the temptation to buy another advertised mascara, eye shadow or any other decorative cosmetics. But what to do with those tubes whose expiration date has come to an end?

How to use old cosmetics
How to use old cosmetics

How to use expired cosmetics

Carefully study the expiration date of your cosmetics before purchasing. The fact is that most creams, lipsticks and other products necessary for a woman's beauty have a short shelf life. It is not worth using expired cosmetics, not only because it does not fit well on the skin (mascara sprinkles, shadows roll off), but also because it can be dangerous to health.

If you suddenly notice that any of the cosmetics has changed the smell, color or consistency - do not use it even though the shelf life may be normal.

Dried nail polishes, expired pencils and eyeliners, as well as all kinds of shadows are great material for creativity and activities with children. Use these tools to color and paint on wood or paper crafts.

Old loose powder is great for cleaning rubber shoes for storage. Use it like talcum powder on your boots.

Hygienic lipstick or clear lip balms will find a second life on the shoe shelf. After all, they can lubricate leather and leatherette shoes. The products will protect it from moisture and add shine and shine.

Lipstick has a shelf life of about three years, and mascara only lasts 3 months.

Expired shampoos, conditioners, and all kinds of shower gels are a great alternative to washing powder. Few people know that shampoo provides a more delicate wash of woolen items. Pour some strong-smelling shower gel into the toilet cistern and the air in the toilet will smell pleasantly throughout the day.

Little tricks

When tossing out expired eye shadows, keep the palette out from under them. It is useful for storing crumbled eyeshadow, blush or powder.

Dried wet wipes are useful for wiping dust off a table or car dashboard.

You can use lip balm instead of cuticle oil. It will perfectly moisturize and soften the skin. [Box # 3] (Old lipstick is a great way to write an intriguing message to your beloved on the glass.)

Used mascara brushes can be thoroughly washed and used to separate lashes. They are also good for cleaning nails during manicure.

An old toothbrush is a great tool for cleaning jewelry.

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