How To Remove Excess Hair From Your Face

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How To Remove Excess Hair From Your Face
How To Remove Excess Hair From Your Face

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Excess facial hair is a very annoying problem that some women face. Hair usually grows over the upper lip, cheekbones and chin. But there are various ways to remove them, available at home or in a specialized beauty parlor.

How to remove excess hair from your face
How to remove excess hair from your face


Step 1

The most famous method for all women is removal with tweezers. But in this way, plucking several hairs from a woman's face is permissible, and removing a large amount leads to negative consequences. The fact is that they are rarely removed along with the hair follicle, so you can provoke the growth of other more visible and coarse hair. You can easily injure the hair follicle, causing inflammation that leaves traces.

Step 2

Remove excess hair from your face using special depilatory creams that dissolve the hair structure. This product is convenient for removing over a large area of ​​the skin and allows you to get rid of excess hair for 1-2 weeks. But be aware that some creams can cause allergies and inflammation.

Step 3

Wax has a wide possibility for removing hair on a large area of ​​the facial skin. It is actively used to get rid of unwanted vegetation above the lips and cheekbones. The effect of wax removal can last up to several weeks, but it is ineffective when it comes to the chin. Experts recommend treating wax carefully for women with dark skin: when removing hair with wax, pigmentation problems often arise.

Step 4

In the beauty parlor, facial hair removal on the face is possible with the help of electrolysis, which gives an excellent result that lasts for a long time. The method allows you to destroy hair follicles with current and thereby eliminates further growth. The procedure is recommended to be performed only by qualified specialists. Remember electrolysis is not cheap.

Step 5

For women with fair skin, laser hair removal from the face is best. Dark-skinned people should consult a dermatologist before such a procedure.

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