Puffiness Of The Face: Effective Remedies

Puffiness Of The Face: Effective Remedies
Puffiness Of The Face: Effective Remedies

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Few people like it when puffiness on the face is visible in the mirror in the morning. Especially if it is repeated from day to day. In addition to the understandable aesthetic discomfort, the thought involuntarily worries whether the swelling of the face indicates an illness. So how can you get rid of puffiness quickly and effectively?

Puffiness of the face: effective remedies
Puffiness of the face: effective remedies

Facial swelling is often caused by excessive fluid intake or "heavy", difficult to digest food, especially salty, smoked food. Also, edema can occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle: physical inactivity, smoking, frequent drinking, non-compliance with the daily routine, etc. In this case, it is enough to adjust the food and drink ration, give up bad habits (or at least reduce them to a minimum), be more often in the fresh air and get enough sleep. Then the swelling on the face will soon noticeably decrease, and then it may disappear altogether.

But the swelling of the face can also be caused by malfunctions in any system of the body. For example, it often indicates disorders in the endocrine system, which leads to a change in the composition of hormones. And this change, in turn, worsens the removal of fluid from the body, as a result of which edema appears. The cause of the swelling of the face can be problems with the kidneys and heart. Finally, swelling can occur due to a genetic predisposition, as well as due to an allergic reaction to some external stimulus. Only a doctor can establish the exact cause of edema on the face and prescribe treatment after some tests.

Therefore, in such cases, one should not self-medicate and not hope that everything will pass by itself, but seek medical advice.

Simple but reliable home remedies can be a good and effective adjunct to treatment. For example, if puffiness appears in the eye area, it is recommended to apply cotton swabs dipped in strongly brewed and slightly cooled tea to them. You can replace these tampons with tea bags, brewed and wrung out a little. They are kept in swollen places for 10-12 minutes. Then you need to wash yourself with cool water.

Potato mask effectively helps. To prepare it, grate a couple of medium potato tubers on a fine grater, squeeze lightly, removing excess juice, then spread the mass over the surface of the face. After about 15 minutes, remove the potato mask and wash with cool water.

In some cases, applying ice pieces or tampons dipped in an infusion of chamomile, calendula, sage or other herbs to the swollen areas can help.

You can get rid of edema with parsley. Grate the root of this herb, then mix with strong tea leaves. Apply the mixture on the swollen area for 15 minutes, after which time, wash with cold water. Massage is very effective in the fight against puffiness. Alternate stroking with patting and pressing on your face.

Don't drink too much fluids, especially at night.

If it is precisely established that the cause of facial edema is fluid retention in the body, in addition to adjusting the food and drink diet, diuretics can be taken. However, this should be done only after consulting a doctor, so as not to harm your health!

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