How To Get Rid Of Cheeks

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How To Get Rid Of Cheeks
How To Get Rid Of Cheeks

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Full cheeks are a peculiar sign of youth and health of the face; age-related changes are also less visible on a full face. However, many owners of full cheeks very often want to get rid of them. Today, there are many ways to do this.

How to get rid of cheeks
How to get rid of cheeks


Step 1

Measures to get rid of cheeks are inherent in the very reasons for their appearance, therefore, it is necessary, first of all, to monitor your weight, eat more fruits and vegetables, straighten your neck, do not lower your head, and during sleep it is recommended to put a low pillow or roller under the neck under your head …

Step 2

There is also a set of special exercises that allow you to get rid of the cheeks.

Here is the first of these exercises:

Take a standing or sitting position, stretch your spine and neck (raise your head high while doing this), and then turn your head alternately to the right and to the left. The exercise is performed at least 20 times in one approach and three to five times a day.

Step 3

Exercise two:

It is necessary to sit at the table and rest on its edge with your elbows, then support your chin with your palms. Try to tilt your head forward, overcoming hand resistance, and then try to relax. Repeat this exercise about 15 times.

Step 4

It is also useful to self-massage the cheeks several times a day.

You can use two massage techniques for this: l) move your thumbs with slight pressure, starting from the lower jaw and moving to the auricles; 2) as it were, beat the lower part of the cheeks with light and quick movements of the fingertips.

Step 5

You can achieve good results by using water treatments (including compresses). In the morning and in the evening, you can wipe your cheeks with cold water, preferably with a special herbal infusion, which can be made at home if desired (the infusion can include chamomile, St. John's wort, mint, celandine, sage, yarrow or lime blossom). If you cook it at home, then remember that 1 tablespoon requires one and a half cups of boiling water; it takes 20-25 minutes to insist such a solution. Do not forget that the infusion can be stored in the refrigerator for only three days.

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