How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Wrinkles

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How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Wrinkles
How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Wrinkles

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When the skin begins to age, losing its elasticity and ability to regenerate, wrinkles appear on the face and, above all, around the lips. They spoil the appearance of women very much (in men, such wrinkles appear much later); they are even explained by the manifestation of such character traits as grumpiness, anger or malice. But in fact, they may indicate some internal diseases, lack of vitamins, improper facial expressions.

How to get rid of upper lip wrinkles
How to get rid of upper lip wrinkles

It is necessary

  • - cucumber;
  • - alcohol;
  • - glycerin;
  • - oil solution of vitamin E.


Step 1

Rub the area around your lips with an ice cube every morning, and apply a greasy cream to moisturize your skin in the evening.

Step 2

Massage the problem area regularly. This is either a tingling movement, or a slight biting of the lips. Alternatively, pat and massage the border of your lips with a soft bristled toothbrush.

Step 3

When choosing an anti-aging face cream, give preference to one that contains hyaluronic acid.

Step 4

Take care of moisturizing the skin around your lips. In addition to various creams, cucumber has a good moisturizing effect. Cut the cucumber into slices and apply to your face.

Step 5

Make a cucumber lotion. Grate a fresh cucumber on a fine grater, cover with alcohol and leave for two weeks. Then strain. Before use, dilute this product with boiled water (1: 2) and add a teaspoon of glycerin for every 100 ml of the mixture.

Step 6

Lubricate wrinkles with vitamin E oil before bed. Olive oil and aloe vera gel also work well.

Step 7

Watch the condition of your teeth: their absence immediately affects the appearance. Therefore, prosthetics on time.

Step 8

Try to ensure you get enough vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Most of all it is found in dry yeast, buckwheat, pork, beans and peas, rye flour, cottage cheese. But remember that this vitamin breaks down in the light and dissolves in water. Therefore, when cooking meat or legumes, it ends up in the broth.

Step 9

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles, do mimic exercises: Tighten your upper lip and press it down with your lower lip.

Step 10

Inflate your cheeks and, holding the corners of your mouth, exhale the air in jerks through your closed lips.

Step 11

Inflate your cheeks and roll air from one cheek to the other.

Step 12

Visit a beauty salon. To achieve a serious effect in the fight against wrinkles, lifting massage, laser or mechanical dermabrasion, radio waves, peeling, botox injections, vitamin or collagen mesotherapy are used. Unfortunately, such procedures have contraindications, therefore, before deciding on their implementation, consult an experienced dermatocosmetologist.

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