How To Draw Beautiful Eyebrows

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How To Draw Beautiful Eyebrows
How To Draw Beautiful Eyebrows

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Perfectly shaped eyebrows are very rare. But there are correction methods to make them attractive and neat. To draw beautiful eyebrows, you just need to outline the contours that fit perfectly into the shape of your face.

How to draw beautiful eyebrows
How to draw beautiful eyebrows


Step 1

Carefully study the rules, following which you will determine the individual shape of your eyebrows. It largely depends on the shape of the face. For example, for an oval, slightly arched long eyebrows are suitable, for a round one - slightly raised, for an oblong one - widely spaced straight lines, for a square one - arched and raised high, and for a triangular one - slightly rounded.

Step 2

Rinse your hands well and prepare all the necessary tools: tweezers, pencil, eye shadow, cotton swabs and disinfectant solution.

Step 3

Rub the eyebrows thoroughly with the solution.

Step 4

While looking in the mirror, place a line pencil along the right side of your nose and touching the corner of your eye. Eyebrow hairs located on the left side should be carefully removed with tweezers. Then set the pencil from the outermost point of the right eye to the right corner of the lips. The hairs on the side of the ear should also be removed.

Step 5

Now determine the highest point. It is located two thirds from the inner corner of the eyebrow.

Step 6

Draw with a pencil the shape of the eyebrow, which in your opinion is beautiful. Take a good look in the mirror and make sure it blends in with the contours of your face.

Step 7

To draw beautiful eyebrows, you can use eye shadow or pencil.

Step 8

By applying shadows, you can adjust the brightness of the color and make it slightly fresher without adding visible outlines. If you want to make your eyebrows bright and defined, use a pencil. Choose shades depending on your own preferences, as well as the color of the eyes and face.

Step 9

To draw beautiful eyebrows, try to make them symmetrical. Apply shadows very carefully and carefully and draw the contours. If you don't have enough time, it is best not to use a contour pencil. It is impossible to quickly outline absolutely identical outlines.

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