How To Increase Facial Hair

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How To Increase Facial Hair
How To Increase Facial Hair

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Stubble on the face is one of the main signs of a real man. She can add style and masculinity to the image of anyone. She invariably attracts attention from women. However, not all men grow facial hair well.

How to increase facial hair
How to increase facial hair


Step 1

Facial stubble growth is caused by several factors. These include the level of a number of minerals and vitamins, estrogen in the body, testosterone levels in the blood, general body structure, and hereditary predisposition. If you cannot change the last two factors for sure, then you can adjust the rest.

Step 2

Try to start by regulating your hormones. Their level directly depends on your diet, lifestyle and physique. Avoid caffeine first. It is found in energy drinks, tea and coffee. It promotes the active production of estrogen, which suppresses the male hormone. Swap these drinks for granular coriander root. It tastes very similar to a mixture of tea and coffee, but it does not contain caffeine. Also, keep your beer consumption to a minimum.

Step 3

The level of the male hormone is also determined by the physique. It is proportional to the amount of muscle. Get active in sports. Regular physical activity promotes testosterone production. This will help your facial hair grow faster.

Step 4

The main substance that is required for enhanced hair growth is zinc. It is most effective in promoting bristle growth. Therefore, include in your diet the following zinc-containing foods: eggs, beans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, walnuts.

Step 5

Frequent shaving is another proven secret to increased stubble growth. Remember that the more often you shave your hair, the more active your hair will grow. However, they will be somewhat rude. Shave twice within two weeks. Then set the blade aside. After a while, you will see good results.

Step 6

Also, try using a hair growth booster when washing your face. They can have a noticeable impact.

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