How To Smear Lashes With Castor Oil

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How To Smear Lashes With Castor Oil
How To Smear Lashes With Castor Oil

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Unfortunately, most women often face problems with fragility and loss of eyelashes. This is primarily due to various diseases and the frequent use of mascara. Currently, there are a huge variety of cosmetic products for the care and restoration of eyelashes, but even the best of them cannot be compared with the effect of ordinary castor oil.

How to smear lashes with castor oil
How to smear lashes with castor oil

It is necessary

A regular cotton swab or a clean mascara brush


Step 1

Pour the castor oil into an old, pre-washed mascara container. In addition, at present, many manufacturers of castor oil for eyelashes produce it in special bottles with brushes.

Step 2

Apply castor oil to the tips and middle of your lashes. This procedure is recommended to be carried out daily in the evenings for 2-3 weeks. After that, it is advisable to take a break for 10 days. Before applying the oil, the eyelashes must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and residues from cosmetics.

Step 3

It is impossible to leave castor oil on the eyelashes overnight, despite the appearance of a positive effect. The eyes may be swollen and red. Therefore, 15-20 minutes after applying castor oil to the eyelashes, it is necessary to rinse it off with a cotton swab.

Step 4

In addition, castor oil for eyelashes can also be used in combination with other formulations and preparations: vitamin A, carrot juice, rum (in equal proportions) and aloe juice (in a ratio of 70:30).

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