How To Remove A Scratch From Your Face

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How To Remove A Scratch From Your Face
How To Remove A Scratch From Your Face

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The face always remains the hallmark of a woman. And if it is decorated with a scratch, then the business card will turn out to be useless. The red stripe catches your eye, disfiguring your appearance. For a man, this problem may seem trivial. But the woman will spoil the mood for a long time.

How to remove a scratch from your face
How to remove a scratch from your face


Step 1

First of all, thoroughly clean the wound from possible dirt, wash it with soap and water. Be sure to do this if you do not want a dark pigmented spot to form at the site of the scratch.

Step 2

Buy 3% hydrogen peroxide at the pharmacy and disinfect the scratched area. Do not use brilliant green or iodine for disinfection. Green and brown streaks on your face will look just as good as red scratches. After peroxide treatment, dry the scratch and mask it with a concealer or foundation.

Step 3

In the same pharmacy, ask if there are special products on sale for healing skin lesions. Gels like "Solcoseryl" or ointments like "Actovegin" will help you. Means accelerate wound healing without scars and crusts.

Step 4

Take a teaspoon of propolis and pour in a quarter glass of alcohol or vodka. Insist for 3 days. Use to heal scratches, acne and herpes. This tool should always be at hand. Prepare it ahead of time, just in case, and store it in the refrigerator.

Step 5

To heal the scratch without scarring or crusting, lubricate it with castor oil. Get castor oil from your local drugstore. It is constantly on sale.

Step 6

For early wound healing, use sea buckthorn oil or preparations based on it. Sea buckthorn has a wide range of vitamins and guarantees the healing of scratches without scars.

Step 7

All of these remedies are good for treating minor scratches. But if you get deep enough damage to the skin, it is better to see a surgeon. He will decide how to remove the scratch from the face. Do not delay a visit to a specialist, as after a while the edges of the wound may disperse. And then your face will certainly be "decorated" with seams.

Step 8

In the meantime, while the scratch is in place, apply a purely feminine trick. Disguise the nasty red streak with a skillfully styled hairstyle. Bring bangs over your forehead or curl a curl over your cheek. This will help you get rid of prying eyes.

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