How To Smooth Your Face

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How To Smooth Your Face
How To Smooth Your Face

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It should not be denied that the face is the calling card. It is always pleasant to look at a healthy and beautiful face. Its beauty depends on the condition of the skin. Irregularities on the face appear after acne, burns and mechanical injuries. You can even out the surface of the skin in beauty salons or at home.

How to smooth your skin
How to smooth your skin

It is necessary

Consultations and services of a cosmetologist


Step 1

Try peeling - a complex of skin smoothing and cleansing procedures that removes the top layer of dead skin cells. After this procedure, a healthy and elastic appearance of the skin appears, and a natural rejuvenation of the face occurs.

Step 2

Perform cryotherapy procedures - cold treatment. The skin is exposed to cold gas with a temperature of minus 140 degrees. A few of these procedures are enough to make the skin smoother and even out.

Step 3

Get cryomassage at beauty salons. The skin is exposed to liquid nitrogen. Under its action, the pores are narrowed and the skin is smoothed. At home, you can do a massage with ice - the effect achieved will not be worse. After this procedure, acne and pimples will disappear. The skin becomes lighter and the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases.

Step 4

Try the darsonvilization procedure - this is the effect of high frequency currents on the skin. This procedure can also be carried out at home. Darsonville machines are commercially available and are extremely effective. By purchasing this, you will get a beauty salon at home.

Step 5

You can carry out mechanical peeling - spraying microparticles under high pressure, cutting off unnecessary cells of the epidermis. The degree of particle pressure is adjusted to achieve the effect you desire. The convenience of this peel is that there is no chance of infection and no pain. At home, mechanical peeling can only keep the skin soft and smooth without removing acne marks, freckles and age spots. Use scrubs based on sugar, salt, or natural abrasives.

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