How To Lengthen Eyelashes With Folk Remedies

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How To Lengthen Eyelashes With Folk Remedies
How To Lengthen Eyelashes With Folk Remedies

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To lengthen the eyelashes, women use various methods and means. These include: their extension, the use of false eyelashes and lengthening mascara. However, the fairer sex often resort to folk recipes. The latter are the simplest, most affordable and equally effective ways to lengthen eyelashes.

How to lengthen eyelashes with folk remedies
How to lengthen eyelashes with folk remedies


Step 1

Castor oil is considered one of the most proven remedies. Apply daily, after removing evening make-up, along the entire length of the eyelashes with a clean brush from under the old mascara or a cotton swab, washed with boiling water. Perform the procedure for 20-30 days at intervals of 2-3 times a year. For prevention purposes, you can use castor oil not every day, but after one.

Step 2

Other oils are equally effective. These are sandalwood, burdock, olive, fish oil, rosehip oil, linseed and almond oil. Such products not only promote the growth of eyelashes, they nourish and strengthen them. Similar drugs are used in the same way as in the case of castor oil.

Step 3

Take olive oil and add a small amount of aloe juice and finely chopped parsley to it. Massage the product onto the upper and lower eyelids so that it also covers the lashes.

Step 4

The infusion of cornflowers and calendula is very popular. Pour boiling water over the herb flowers and infuse for three days. Lubricate the lashes with the prepared product and leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse with plain water.

Step 5

An infusion of chamomile, as well as a solution of tea leaves and calendula, is considered quite effective. Saturate two cotton pads with the prepared mixture and apply on eyelids.

Step 6

To lengthen the eyelashes, as well as to prevent their loss, it is recommended to use vitamin E in the form of an oil. Apply it from a bottle with a brush. Do this very carefully. Perform the procedure for a month. After such events, your eyelashes will become much stronger, thicker and longer.

Step 7

A mixture of Peruvian balsam, petroleum jelly and castor oil stimulates the growth of eyelashes, as well as rubbing nettle, onion or burdock juice into the skin of the eyelids.

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